Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Christmas Recital Day 12-16

The recital went really well.  I was pleased with how everyone performed.  I asked 3 former students to sing something in the recital.  Kelly Lynn, April, and Star all sang this afternoon.  The were remembering the concerts from when they were young.  Boy, I have changed how and what I teach so much since then.  I teach more classical music and Broadway music for singers and less, if any, pop, which is different from then.  I was nervous to teach more classical because the kids complained about singing it.  Now, complain all you want, but that is what I teach.  For my profile on Take Lessons, it flat out states that I mainly teach classical and Broadway music with very little pop.  I also tell parents that when they call to sign their children up.  I am much more comfortable with what music I teach now than I was when I first started.

My legs are a bit more sore than usual because of the extra up and down at the concert.  However, the good news is that I don't have the really bad headache I usually get after the concert.  I am so happy about that, that is for sure.  I do have a headache, but it isn't a super bad one like usual.

I received some very sad news today.  One of my friends from high school's mom is terminally ill.  She has stage 4 cancer and they can't operate.  They have suggested that she try chemo and radiation to shrink the tumors, but that is all they really can do.  It may give her a few more months or weeks.  My heart is broken for what Chris (her son, my friend) will be going through.  I have asked several of my friends to add her and the rest of her family to their prayer lists.  She is such a wonderful lady.  She is so strong in her faith and I think that will help sustain her.  When I needed to decide how mom was to be cared for, I remembered how Mrs. S took care of Darren, Chris's brother.  He had a brain injury that was quite severe.  She and Mr. S made the decision to keep Darren at instead of placing him in a home or a group home.  Mrs. S took really good care of him.  When I made the decision to keep mom here at home, it was a difficult decision.  I was lucky though because Mom was not angry or violent or belligerent in anyway.  Yes, she had her difficult moments, but over all, it was a better choice.  I am not sure what Mrs. S will do about the chemo or the radiation.  She may not do either.  She will be telling Chris, his wife, Bobbie, and their children in the next few days.  I can't even imagine how they will react and take the news.  I do know how awful it is to watch a parent die.  Despite the awfulness of watching it, I also would not have done anything really different that I did because I got to spend so much time with my mom.  I know that Chris and his family as well as Mr. S will be cherishing the time they have left with Mrs. S.  I have asked to be kept up to date as much as possible.  I have so many good memories of talking to her and being over with all our friends.  She is a very kind and thoughtful person.  My heart just aches for her family.  If you can, would you please pray for her and her family?  Thank you.

I did get several really nice gifts this afternoon.  I got a beautiful roses from Nina and her family.  I got the cat from Alice in Wonderland from Sammy and I got a beautiful throw blanket from the Muglia family.  There are a few students who did not get their gifts so I will be giving them it at their lessons.  It is hard to believe that Christmas is almost upon us.  It is only 9 days until Christmas.

I am going to make myself some tea and read before I head for bed.  Tomorrow is the test to see how my wrists are doing.  I am not quite sure what to expect tomorrow, but I hope to have some answers soon.

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