Saturday, December 1, 2012

The first few days of December!!!!!!

Wow, Christmas is so close now.  It looks so far away before Thanksgiving, but now, it is almost here. I am not ready yet.  However, my house looks very festive.  The girls were here along with Calli and Acer to put up the tree and decorate the tree.  They also put other decorations in the dining room.  They did a really nice job.  I just watched as my headache was more than medium bad but less than super duper bad.  We got the tree from Heather BT.  It is about 4 to 5 feet tall and it is beautiful!  The lights that have not seen the light of day for about 10 years, actually work!!!  Yes!  Isn't that cool?  When Natalie went under the house in the crawl space, there were way more boxes under there for Christmas than I remembered.  I am glad I had her bring a lot of them up.  I have a box full of Christmas mugs.  a regular copy paper sized box.  I am going to trade out the Christmas mugs for the regular mugs.  I also need to switch the regular. everyday dishes with the Christmas dishes.  They are only on a higher up shelf in the cupboard so it isn't a big deal.  I love the Christmas stuff.  I will take pictures of the tree and the dining room tomorrow.  I am very pleased with how it looks.  It very nice of them to come over to do this for me.  They were all excited to decorate the tree and house.  All I did was to watch and relax.  Truly I have the best students.  The Muglia girls decorated my tree last year so they wanted to do it again this year.  They know along with Calli and Acer that I haven't been feeling too well this fall so to have them come and do this was awesome.  Peter and Sean emptied some of the attic a couple of weeks ago.  They did bring down some of the decorations that were in the attic.  I am not sure what is all up there, but we will look in the spring when the warmer weather comes.  The did bring down a lot of the camping supplies.  I told the boys that if the supplies were in good condition and usable, then they could have it.  They were so excited about the tents and stuff we found.  I was pleased that my tent was in very good condition and they love it.  I spent many days camping in that tent.  I know, a prissy girl who does not like to get dirty loves camping.  I know it is weird but true.

Tomorrow is an appointment with the rheumatologist.  I think it is just for a check up on medicine and the pain level of the fibro and arthritis.  I have to print out a paper that has all my medicines on it.  It is printing now.  I have a book to bring and read while I am waiting.  I really hope that I don't have to wait very long.  She is very thorough.  Dr. A likes to cover all the basis so I don't mind about the wait.  Besides, it isn't like I have to teach right away tomorrow when I am done.  I have a few lesson tomorrow.  It is a few weeks before the Christmas Recital.  I have to go and get batting tomorrow too for the ornaments for the kids.

Well, it is time to relax and read for a bit before I head off to bed.  I hope tomorrow is a better day with the everyday headache level and not above it.

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