Sunday, December 23, 2012

Not exactly how I envisioned Christmas this year 12-23

I had an enjoyable day yesterday with my Aunt Michelle and cousin, Jayson.  We visited and then we went out to dinner at Red Lobster.  It was awfully yummy.  I love their soup and their salad.  It is very good.  So after dinner we came back to my house.  We visited some more and then they had to go home.  I was planning to see them again on Christmas Day for the day.  I received a call from Michelle about 11 ish and she was sobbing.  While we were visiting, her 2 5 month old puppies somehow got out of the fenced in yard and both were hit by a car.  Poppy didn't make it and Peanut has a dislocated joint and a broken femur bone.  So instead of a happy day, it is very sad in the family.  They were so small and cute.  The person who hit them didn't even stop or see what he/she had done.  Nope, they just drove off.  I have spoken to Michelle early in the afternoon.  The orthopedic surgeon was going to be in the pet hospital about 7 tonight.  I haven't spoken to her since.  I have left a message and I hope to hear how Peanut is doing.  She is such a sweet puppy so was Poppy.

I will be planning to see Andrew on Christmas Day.  Today, I went to Maia's house for dinner.  I had a few gifts for the little ones.  Elizabeth loved the Cinderella stuff only one of her slippers was damaged so I needed to take it back and get her a new one.  Fortunately, I was able to replace it.  Myles seemed to like the Lego blocks.  He is only 1.  He is almost walking now.  He can take a couple of steps by himself and walk if you are holding his hands.  He has 2 bottom teeth and 3 coming in.  Overall, I think it was a good day, well, as good as it could be with everything that is going on with the puppies and my aunt and uncle.  I left Esther's gift with Tillie so when Lia comes back down to Windsor, she can get it. Danielle is planning to see Kayla tomorrow so I think she was planning to take the gifts for Warren and Phoenix to give to them tomorrow.

Pain wise, the headache was really bad this morning and my whole abdomen hurt about 4 in the morning.  It was so bad.  It was like it was on fire.  I went down and took some Mylanta in case it would help.  Eventually 2 hours later, it did help some.  Since I can't take my Reglan right now, I do not have a replacement for it.  I do hope it doesn't happen again because it was horrible.

I hope the next couple of days are not bad for the headaches or stomachs.  I hope yours is good too.

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  1. wishing you good health and peace with your family and especially a joyous Christmas. take care friend.