Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day 12-26

These past few days have been very busy.  Saturday, my aunt came to town.  I am so hoping little Peanut is going to get better.  She is such a trooper though.  Sunday, I went to my cousin, Maia's house.  Her daughter and her family were there too along with Tillie and Maia's son Zachary.  We had a nice dinner and the kids seemed to really like their gifts.  I had to bring Elizabeth's gift back with me because there was a flaw in the slippers.  I was able to get her another one so when I see her next, she will get it then.  Myles seemed to like the mega blocks.  He banged a few together and promptly put one in his mouth.  Fortunately, they are too big to fit in his mouth.  Monday, I went to Kathy's parents house with her and her family.  Kathy's brother Dan was there also along with his family.  Everyone seemed to like everything that they got.  I was pleased with my gifts too.  I can do a lot of shopping for my nook!!!  Yesterday, Christmas Day, I went to my younger brother's house for dinner.  He wasn't feeling too well, but we had a good visit despite it.  He thinks it was something he ate.  I hope he is feeling better today.  Today, I had a few lessons.  It is snowing so hard.  I think we have got lots of snow.  I think we are supposed get about 8 inches of snow.  I made the mistake of going out in the snow.  Yup, roads were very snowy.  It is December so I guess this is the type of weather we should be expecting.  Thank goodness I do teach here at home.  2 of my students rescheduled their lessons because of the weather.  I expected them too.  I know how bad it was when I went out.  I picked up some muffins for tomorrow brunch in case the weather is still bad.  I hope it does clear up and that the roads will be clear.

Painwise, the past few days have been exhausting, but I expected it to be.  My headache was bad by the time I got home on Sunday.  Christmas Eve wasn't too bad.  Yesterday, was okay until about 1/2 way home, then it got a bit on the bad side.  I have also noticed that my right knee is hurting a bit, which is something it doesn't always do.  I am a bit stiffer than I used to be and this did cause me some concern until I realized that part of the reason I am stiffer and a little bit more sore because I know longer take the Meloxicam because of the ulcer.  So yeah, without a replacement pain med, I am just going to be more sore at times.  I am relieved that I figured out I was in pain more than usual for this time of year.

Well, time to a bit of shopping for the lovely nook!  One of the nicest perks of being a teacher, is that I do get some really cool gifts, some of them are handmade (I love those) and some are gift cards as well as all sorts of things.  I am hoping that on the weekend I will see my girls to watch some movies here at home with lots of hot chocolate and popcorn for them.  I will stick to tea.  I don't like popcorn because usually after a few hours of eating it, I get an upset stomach.  I enjoy being with my students and their families.

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