Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday, which I thought was Wednesday!

All day today I thought it was Wednesday.  Silly fibro fog!  I should have actually had a clue since both Faith and Laith had their lessons and Thursdays are their regularly scheduled lessons are.  That should have told me which day of the week it was.  Nope, not me, what can I say?  whoops!

Christmas Eve was a nice evening.  I spent the afternoon and evening with Kathy and her family at her parents house.  It started to snow about 1/2 hour before we were going to go to church.  We got the twins and Kathy's sons in the car and it was snowing really hard.  I followed them when Kathy turned off the main road and into a sub.  For a few seconds I thought I followed the wrong car.  No, I didn't.  Kathy and her mom decided to turn around and go back to her parents house.  I did feel bad for her boys because we had to take my scooter apart and now we needed to put it together again.  It is just to far for me to walk to Kathy's parents' condo.  I am thankful that they help me put it together and take it apart.  It is a big help.  I like my scooter.  I now keep the key on my car key ring.  This way, I will not lose it like I did a few years ago.  Kathy was in town and we decided to go to the mall.  We get the scooter all together to discover that I had lost the key.  Talk about a letdown.  I was able to get another key so that is good.  I definitely take much better care with the key now.  Anyways, when we arrived back from the aborted trip to church we opened presents.  I love what I got!  I got gift cards for barnes and nobles and amazon.  Yes, needless to say, they have all been used.  I bought lots of books.  I have lots of books for me to read that for a while.  It is exciting!  I left earlier than I normally would have since the roads were not good at all.  I also forgot to take my camera so I have no pictures of the kids this year.  Kathy's younger brother, Dan and his wife, Tracy have a 9 month old baby.  His name is David and oh my, what a charmer.  He is a good nature little guy.  I loved watching him open his presents.  I had such a hard time in choosing what cute outfit to get him.  Everything was just so cute!!!!  The boys seemed happy with what they got and same with the girls.  Overall, I think everyone was just happy with what the got.  I know I was.

Christmas Day I went to Andrew's house.  It is about 2 hours and a bit to get there.  He made a lovely turkey breast dinner.  He wasn't feeling too well but Angie and I really enjoyed Andrew's cooking.  He is such a good cook.  Everything tastes amazing when he cooks, let me tell you.  I was glad to visit him and his girlfriend.  They have the cutest dog.  He is a pug and such a sweetie.  He did try to get me to give him something off my plate but I don't know what he can and can't have so I didn't give him anything.  I didn't stay super late there since he wasn't feeling too good and I had a long drive home.  I put some Christmas CDs on and sang the whole way home.

Yesterday, I had a few lessons and then it was snowing really hard again so I just decided after my last little ones left I would go and get in my new Christmas Pajamas and have a nice cup of tea.  It was lovely.  I read a bit and then, I got on my nook and bought a lot of books.  I have several gift cards this year so I shopped and shopped.  I used alllllll the gift cards in one sitting!!!!  I now have a lot of stuff to read.  I have also discovered that I am addicted to the game Angry Birds.  Yes, I know have Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Angry Birds Seasonal.  Needless to say, I love those games.  When I woke up this morning, it was a winter wonderland!!!!  I called my lovely neighbors, the Hubels and they came and dug me out.  I have cookies to make for them.  I have chocolate chip and a butterscotch ones too.  I am planning to bake them tomorrow and then deliver tomorrow or Saturday.  I also need to finish their ornaments tomorrow too.  I am almost done.  Which is good.

I had a couple of lessons today, like I said and I expect to have a couple tomorrow.  Antoinette will have a make up tomorrow because the snow was so bad on Wednesday.  It definitely made perfect sense not to drive in that snow storm and reschedule the lesson.  It was just too awful to drive.  The snow did look really pretty but with the roads covered with snow, I am sure driving was slow and dangerous.

I am not sure exactly what I will be doing this weekend.  I have one lesson on Saturday and one on Sunday.  New Year's Eve will be spent with Heather B-T and crew.  It may be there, it may be here, whichever works best for the family is what works with me.  I know she is not feeling super well right now because her back has been bothering her a lot lately.  I will see them tomorrow.  Acer and I have started a different path for piano now.  I have decided that I don't want to do the typical lesson book thing right now.  Maybe in the future we will go back to the lesson book, but at this point, this works better.  He is also singing the cutest song ever, "Be Kind to Your Parents".  It is from Fanny.  He does sing the part he knows really well.  Oh my!  I just remembered I have to send the words for Acer!  Okay, going to do that now!  I am done.  Now I just have to email it to Calli so Acer can braille it out.  Well, I think I am going to email and then read one of my new books on my nook now!!

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