Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Today is another bad headache day for most of the day.  It isn't too bad tonight, but it certainly was earlier today.  I didn't think I could handle going to choir with this bad of a headache so I didn't go.  I hope tomorrow will just be the normal headache day.


I had 2 lessons this afternoon, Nina and Sean.  Both students are doing very well.  Nina is planning to play piano in the Christmas Recital while Sean is not.  Nina also wants to be an announcer for the recital.

After the lessons, I went and did some errands.  I did a huge Fibro Fog thing last night.  It did give me a chuckle, if you can't laugh at some of this stuff, you would go crazy.  So, I get ready to go, I have my coat on, my shoes on, and purse in hand.  I look in my pocket for my keys and they are not there.  I look in the other pocket, still no keys.  I look through my purse and no keys.  I looked on the table, the counter, any place they might be.  Finally, I looked in the door and sure enough, there are my keys.  Yeah, I forgot to remove them when I came in yesterday.  Thankfully, it was the inside garage door that I did this too so it wasn't like to the outside door.  Such a silly girl!

Calli and Heather B-T came over this evening.  She helped me with my hair and she braided my hair too.  Calli is a very helpful young lady.  Last night when Acer was finished with his lesson, he was being a bit silly and I don't remember what exactly I said, but his comment was that I am very attached to him.  It is true, I am attached to both Acer and Calli.  Acer was giggling when he said that.  Calli and I visited while she did my hair.  She is quite good at braiding and she will take it out and do it again if she thinks it isn't good.  There are days that I now forget that both are blind.  They are independent like all children that age.  Calli will be 13 on her birthday and in about a week or so, Acer will be 8.  Both are ready for the Christmas Recital.  After we finished my hair, Calli helped me to bring some dirty laundry down.  I need to get a bigger basket for my clothes.  I have the perfect size for the undie type clothes but not for the sweatshirts, t-shirts, and those type clothes.  I will try to get one next month with my monthly shopping.

I wasn't sure if my tramadol was actually helping.  I had thought that for a while.  Well, let me tell you, it does help a lot.  I ran out yesterday and forgot to go and get it refilled.  I had the new prescription of it.  Since I ran out, that means that I didn't have any last night or this morning when I got up.  Oh my, let's just say that I was super super sore.  I went to the store and got what I needed.  I have to use a scooter cart when I shop and when I got out of it to go to the car, I was so sore.  I was kind of walking really slow and I was hurting so much that a nice lady noticed and the man who was with her came and took my bags to my car.  I was very thankful.  One of the bags was rather heavy but the others weren't too bad.  I took my tramadol as soon as I got home.  It started working and I am back to the regular pain that I have everyday.  I will remember next time to take the new prescription to the pharmacy right away so that I won't forget and have to be without pain pills.  I won't be testing any of that anytime soon.

I have to work on remember that I have fruit in the house when I want something sweet.  I love the green apples that I have.  I don't have any junk food in the house.  I emptied it when I decided enough was enough with my weight.  Also, I now take a medication that makes it easy to gain weight, so I need to be even more vigilant about eating the fruit and veggies.  I picked up enough lettuce and tomatoes for the next few days for dinner.  I actually do really like salads as long as it isn't ice berg lettuce.  For some reason, that kind of lettuce gives me a tummy ache.  I like the Romaine Lettuce a lot. I can eat a whole heart of the lettuce for dinner.  I think by adding in another serving of veggies or fruit will help balance out the ease of gaining weight from the medicine.  I was not so vigilant when I was taking Lyrica.  I gained 80 pounds in 6 months on it.  It did help with the pain, but I couldn't handle the weight I was gaining.  For the last 5 or 6 years I didn't really care about my weight like I do now.  At first I didn't care because I was focused on taking care of mom.  She was my main concern.  It was very important to me that I take good care of her.  Yes, there were times when I failed taking care of her.  There were times when we both were frustrated with each other, but overall, I tried to make her life a good one.  After she passed away, I could barely function.  I was in survival mode as one of my friends told me and she was right.  I was going hour by hour.  I still miss her desperately, but most of the time I can think about her and smile.  There are days that it still physically hurts that she is gone but that is to be expected.  I am very thankful that I was the one to take care of her the last couple of years of her life.

I am going to make some pictures of her larger and put them in this awesome picture frame that I got for Christmas last year from my younger brother.

I am going to read for a bit or maybe play some angry birds game before bed.

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  1. Hi Heather, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I hope one day not too far off we can meet in person..I consider you a good friend even though we have never met..
    I did not know that Acer and Calli were blind, wow that gives me a whole new appreciation for those little ones..God bless them both.
    Tramadol. Love my Tramadol. It does help..I never let my self run out of it..there are days it helps more than others..we went to a college graduation party last night of my long time best friend..she went back to college 5 years ago and finished proud of her. anyway, after standing mostly all evening and some sitting and the 1 1/2 hour drive home, I was ready to croak. I took my pain pill and went to bed but got up about an hour ago (its 2:30 am) due to pain..One didn't cut it so I took another and now its better..I was laying in bed and hurt all over..No one who does not have chronic pain understands how debilitating it is..anyway, I am with you on Tramadol. I have never tried Lyrica and my doctor did not recommend it due to the weight gain issue I have enough trouble with weight without help!
    Have a blessed day Heather!