Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Shopping! 12-5

I have been doing a bit of shopping the last few days.  Normally, I am completely done at this time but not this year.  I picked up something for Elizabeth.  I have something for Sammy, Matthew, and Jacob. I want to get something for Esther (I just have to order it), Myles, Phoenix, Jayson, and Warren.  Jayson and Warren are pretty easy to get and I do know what I want to get Myles.  I am not sure about what to get Phoenix.  She is about 15 or so months old at this point.

My cousin, Maia, had her breast cancer surgery yesterday.  She had the surgery at noon and was back at her mom's house about 8 or so.  The doctor got as much as he saw and he said it went well so that is good.  As expected she is very sore and tired.  I will probably be able to talk to her in a few days.  Obviously she really needs to rest so I won't be calling her yet.  This is step two for her in the cancer war.  Step three will be radiation.  I just know she is going to win this war.

Later today:

I just ordered the gifts for Esther, Phoenix, and Warren.  I will pick up Myles and Jayson's gifts next week.  I pretty much know what I am getting them.  The only one I can't figure out is Alicia, Kathy's daughter.  I usually am finished with getting gifts by November 1.  I really got to get back into that mode.  I look for gifts all year round and when I see something, I get it and put it away until birthdays or Christmas.

Lessons went well today.  The students are getting ready for the concert and so far several are almost ready for it.  I will start working on the order next week.  I won't actually print the program until the Friday before the concert.  This is because usually after I print the program, someone calls to change it around.  Natalie and Hannah are going to design the program covers.  They do a really good job so I expect this one will be nice too.

I am getting tired so I think I will finish my tea before heading to bed.

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