Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday - 22 days until Christmas!!!

Are you ready for Christmas???  I am not quite ready but I will be soon.  The tree that Heather B-T gave me looks simply beautiful.  The students did such a great job, they really did.  I have had such a time with the bad headaches that to even think about decorating was too much for me.  Fortunately, my girls who decorated last year wanted to do it again along with Acer and Calli.  The kids are wonderful.  Of course all my students are awesome.  They just are.  The tree is beautiful.

Today, Rachel had her lesson.  She has been absent for a couple weeks because her grandmother was out of town.  Rachel is ready for the concert.  She played her song perfectly.  I was very pleased with it.  Rachel is ready the first who is totally ready for the concert.  I would say that Isaac is the second one to be ready as he knows his song that he is singing very well.  I am pleased about that.  My 2 little ones were very wild today.  Rahul was repeating everything I said for part of the lesson.  I seriously hate when kids do that.  I asked him several times to stop and he didn't.  His mom was there and told him to behave, which he did listen to for a bit until near the end of the lesson when he started it again.  Sammy was somewhat better but he would day dream in the middle of a song.  Yeah, definitely not the best way to end the teaching day.  Fortunately, the don't usually act this crazy during their lessons.  They are such sweet boys when they are not being too wild.  I actually don't mind a little bit of wild, just a lot.  I know small ones can't always sit still so it doesn't usually bother me when they are slightly wild but this was wayyyyyyyyy more than slightly wild.  Both boys will be singing the song that I originally wanted everyone to sing but some of my piano students are having a bit of a problem so just my singers will be singing it along with Sammy and Rahul since they know it by heart.  I was completely floored because my piano students that are older are having trouble with the song and yet, these two little ones know it by heart.  There will be my 7 singers and my two little ones.  It should be awesome.

This week is the week I am working on the students' ornaments.  I need to get the batting tomorrow.

I had an appointment with the Rheumotologist this morning.  She said my joints are doing well but the soft tissue is swelling in my hands and legs.  We talked about weight loss and the bottom line is I need to lose the weight because eventually, the joints are going to be a problem.  I know this, that is why I started really watching what I was eating.  I also am going to try using my inhaler for asthma before I exercise and see if that will help.  Also, I am adding more veggies and fruit to my meals.  I am eating them, but I want them to be the main ingredients of my meals.  This is what I have begun to do.  I also have changed from eating white bread to healthy wheat bread.  I am cutting out white rice.  This is a bit of a challenge because I love chipotle and their rice is so good.  If I go for lunch or dinner, I will be cutting out the rice and focusing on the peppers and onions, tomato salsa, black beans and a very small bit of cheese.  I really like the tomato salsa.  It is so awesome that is for sure.  I will also be giving up the chips but that won't be too bad because usually I eat them way after lunch or dinner.  They are good but not that good.  They aren't worth putting more weight on or getting diabetes, or high blood pressure or anything else associated with being overweight.  I am glad that Kathy and Heather B-T are also working on losing weight so the three of use can do this together.  I am so proud of Kathy because she has started running, which she loves to do, and has lost over 30 pounds these past few months.  Some day in the future we will both have reached our goals.  For me, it could be a couple of years process as I so much more to lose that both Heather B-T or Kathy.  Heather B-T has lost some weight too.  I did and then I gained it back.  I need to be more careful because my nighttime headache medicine can cause weight gain so I need to keep track of that.  I have been working hard on making good healthy choices.  Sometimes I do good and sometimes I don't.

Well, time to read before heading to bed.  My headache isn't so bad today.  It is just the normal everyday headache today.

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