Saturday, October 10, 2009

It is a boring day now.  I have finished two lessons and we went to Tim Horton's for a snack/breakfast at about 2:30pm.  We are back home again.  Mom is somewhat better today than yesterday, but still a little teary for me.  Winter is not going to be fun with her.  Not that she does well at anytime of the year with weather, it's either too hot or too cold.  She paranoid of both.  Right now she has her fall jacket and hat on in the house.  It is not cold in here, but she won't take them off because she thinks she will get cold.  I am not touching that one.  Let her leave it on and then boil with them.  Eventually she will take them off at least in time for bed.

My patience level is at an all time low these past few days.  It is hard dealing with her when I can't do a lot of stuff.  She is difficult to entertain because she can't remember how to do stuff, but wants to do things, we just don't know what.  She is now taking her coat off, finally.  She still has the hat on though.  I think in a while we will go to the bookstore and look around.  Maybe, we will see.

Lily was so cute during her lesson, she is working on keeping her eyebrows up when she sings.  It is a small thing, but makes such a difference in the sound.  She is also working on airflow.  So far she likes all the songs she has song but one.  She didn't like the Kerry Dance at all.  Not one little bit.  But she did finish it so I was happy.

Aggie had her lesson too, she is working on her audition music for MSU.  Her voice is starting to change again, getting stronger and more mature.  She should get in the music minor program no problem, but she can't stop practicing her music or she won't get in.

Pain is medium right now.  The shoulder is unhappy as usual and so is the knee.  I am a bit stiffer than usual because it is getting colder out.  I don't mind the fall weather, it is winter that isn't so good, snow looks real pretty, but it sometimes makes me ache more.

I hope this finds you doing well.

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