Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tillie called while we were at walmart shopping for groceries and prescriptions.  Apparently, in order for Mom to be put on the waiting list in Windsor, she has to have a valid health card, which we don't have because we don't live in Canada.  So since I am not planning to move to Canada, I can't get her a card so that is the end of that.  Finally.  She is doing okay today.  I didn't get her a donut, instead I got her two muffins and they seemed to go down just fine.  I haven't heard from her doctor yet so I don't know when the test will be.  Hopefully soon.  Although, this week hasn't been so bad, so maybe it was just a phase.  We shall see.  I bought her a scale to weigh her one weekly so I will be able to keep track of her weight.  She has to gain 15 lbs.  I offered her some of mine, but somehow she didn't want it.  Neither do I.  I will not get on the scale because I know how much I weigh, and I know it is too much.

It looks like it is about to pour outside, my shoulder can tell.  My arm and shoulder are really sore right now.  It didn't help that I had to lift groceries out of the car, but how else are they going to get put away?  Mom doesn't know where anything goes anymore.  I just feel blah today, no other word for it but blah.  I hope it improves soon.

Have a great day!!!

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