Sunday, October 4, 2009

We went to dinner with Katie to celebrate her 22nd birthday.  It is hard to believe that she is 22 now (well, will be tomorrow!)  I remember when I met her she was 8.  Boy how time flies.  We went to the Olive Garden which is one of our favorite restaurants.  It was a nice time.  She is currently in school in the Emergency Medical Training Program.  She plans to move into the paramedic program then eventually the RN paramedic program.  Katie will be great no matter what she picks.

On Thursday I think Katie and I will be passing out flyers.  It seems to be a good day according to the weatherman.  I will keep a close watch on the weather.  I have 300 more to pass out.  Hopefully on Saturday the Muglia girls can come and pass out some too.  Hopefully by Saturday all 300 will be passed out.  I hope to get some response from these, I haven't gotten any from the first 200 I passed out.  We are going to try a couple of different subs to pass them out in.

I am excited about tomorrow, I have 7 lessons on Monday!  How awesome is that?  I love the first Monday of the month because there are so many lessons.  The Muglia children only have lessons once a month due to finances.  I am thankful they are still taking lessons, even if they are once a month.  They are all doing quite well with the lessons that they do get.  And they practice!  That is the important thing, they do their lesson and then they work on the music for the rest of the month.  Mom enjoys going to their lessons.  Their little brother Patrick (4) thinks Mom comes just to play with him.  It is so adorable.  

I take Mom everywhere with me.  She doesn't like being anywhere I am not.  I don't really mind.  This way I know she is alright.  We haven't visited the day center yet.  I don't think she wants to because she doesn't feel comfortable unless I am around.  Most of the time it is fine, occasionally it is annoying because she is always with me.  When I am annoyed I try to remind myself how frightening it must be to be losing your memory and confidence.  Mom handles it pretty well overall.  Her crying is becoming less and less.  It is her first reaction to a scary situation is to cry, so I try to think ahead whatever we do.

Pain level is medium today so it is bearable.  I did manage to hit my arm that made my shoulder move the wrong way so of course it was extremely painful for a few minutes.  Sometimes I am amazed at my clumsiness.  Mom gets upset when I do this because there isn't anything she can do when she wants to do something.  So for a few minutes I am ready to scream from pain and then it lessens and goes back to regular pain.

I hope this finds you well and having a good day.

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  1. Your blog is an inspiration to me. If you can deal with having fibromyalgia at such a young age, I should be able to deal with it too. Lately I've been feeling better about my fibro, the best thing I've found for stiff mornings is my ChiliPad - a mattress pad that lets you cool down (or heat up) your bed, mine lets me set any temperature between 46 and 118 degrees. It helps with pain and I have been getting more sleep because I'm not woken up by pain as easily. Hope this helps!