Thursday, October 8, 2009

Katie was here and helped pass out about 150 flyers.  It was very tiring even though I was riding in my scooter.  I hope to hear something from someone this time.  So far the response has been zip, zero, nada.  Not very encouraging.  I could use a nap right about now, but it is almost 5 pm so not a good time for a nap as I plan to go to bed around 8 pm.  Oprah is doing a show on hoarders.  I live with one, that would be Mom.  I can't get her to clean up or organize her stuff.  I thought it would get easier as she loses her memory, but it isn't.  She is so afraid to be left with nothing and homeless and her stuff represents what she didn't have as a child.  They were very poor and she was born in the great depression.  She still has the handkerchief she got for Christmas when she was 15, it was the first Christmas present she had gotten in years.  I figure eventually I will be able to organize but probably not until she is in a nursing home.  As long as the living room is easy to get to and somewhat organize, I don't worry about the rest of the house.  Apparently hoarding is common among seniors who lived through the great depression and World War II.

I have one student tonight, little Roman.

Pain level is a little higher than normal because of the scootering.  Sometimes scootering makes my arm ache a bit more.  Next Tuesday is the doctor appointment.  I managed to make two doctors appointments at the same time next Thursday.  Mom and I both have doctor appointments.  I will be rescheduling hers because her doctor is easier to change than mine.

I hope you have a good day.

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