Friday, October 30, 2009

It was sewing day again!  What a lovely time.  Unfortunately, silly me forgot my machine, which, of course, has Lydia's thread on it so she couldn't do any machine sewing.  She was able to baste a few seams, but that was about it.  I also got there late due to a doctor's appointment.  I don't like going to the doctors.  4th one in 3 weeks.  Nothing major, just checking out my shoulder and if the new sample medicines were doing any good.  They weren't so I won't be getting them.  At least it didn't cost me any money to try the new medicine.  We went out to eat afterward because I wasn't in the mood to heat up our dinners.  We went to our usual restaurant up the road.  We like it there, they are really nice and are helpful when mom needs something.  I had to go to the loo while I was there and Mom got nervous because she didn't know where I was, the waitress was there right away when she noticed Mom was getting upset.  She let Mom know that I was in the loo and would be right back.  Mom calmed immediately.  The waitress let me know Mom got upset while I was gone.  I need to know these details.

I will have to go to the Joann's store this weekend.  Oh my, what a hardship.  He he he!!!  I have to get Natalie some more thread.  She is about out and not quite done with her top.  She should be done next week.  She has one sleeve, the neck hem, sleeve hems, and the bottom hem left, then she is done.  Lydia has two sleeves, neck hem, sleeve hems, and bottom hems left and she will be done.  Hannah will be helping me with Christmas presents next week so she will be sewing with us again next week.  I am excited about that.

I got an X-ray for my knee.  I suspect it will be the same as the shoulder, nothing physically wrong, just fibromyalgia.  The knee comes and goes.  I have some exercises to do.  So now I have shoulder and knee exercises.  As long as they work, I don't care.  I just hope they do.

My arm and shoulder are alright right now, but my head is beginning to really hurt.  I took a pain pill so I hope it kicks in soon.  My knee is fine, of course, because I went to the doctor this morning!  Naturally!  Anyway, it has been a great day and I hope yours is too!  Happy Halloween Eve!

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