Monday, October 12, 2009

It looks like it is about to downpour here.  Thank goodness we aren't going anywhere for the rest of the day.  I have had 2 lessons so far and am waiting for 1 more.  She is running behind because Mom's dentist appointment went later than expected.  No problem, she is on her way.  Rachel is absent today because of strep throat.  Please stay home and get better.  Oprah is on!  I love her show.  She has some very interesting guests.  Some have lived through some horrific things in their lives.  They are so inspiring.  Today is Mike Tyson.  He is not inspiring that is for sure.  He has lead a very weird life.  Not one I would want to live.

Our passports will be here tomorrow.  I am excited about that.  We will be able to go to Windsor and see some relatives and get some money out of the bank to help catch up us on bills.  That is very exciting for me because I am tired of being behind and the phone calls.  I will also be able to file for the bankruptcy as well as Mom.  Like I have said before, when we lost the store, we lost almost everything.  Thank goodness we still have the house.

Pain level is medium high right now.  When I am teaching it doesn't seem to be as high as when I am not.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow and a blood test.  I hate blood tests.  They hurt so much, not so much the needle as the tourniquet.  That hurts the most because of the fibro.

I hope this finds you doing well and in less pain if you have any.

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