Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We went to Windsor this afternoon to visit Tillie.  It was fun.  We went to the OHIP office and got her application and then we went to the Alzheimer's Society for some info.  Mom peeked into their day away program and said maybe it would be fun to go and visit.  Of course, there is a waiting list, just like everything else in Canada.  After that we went to lunch at Wendy's.  The french fries got stuck in Mom's throat, so no more french fries for Mom.  She doesn't really mind since she really doesn't care either way whether or not she eats them.  By the time she is finished with them they are often cold anyways.  She did fine with her hamburger and had a few sips of her Sprite.  I also am not going to get her anymore pop because she barely drinks it.

I had a hard time at the Alzheimer's Society with the chair.  I made the mistake of sitting in a low chair and had a hard time getting up.  The lady there helped me, but of course I used the left arm, wrong arm.  It hurt when I got up, next time I will sit in a regular chair.  Mom did fine when she heard everything the lady told us.

My arm is sore and so is the shoulder.  My right eye is also sore because the contact irritated it so now I have my glasses on.  My knee is doing all right.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so it will probably hurt some.  I have an appointment with the doctor about my shoulder.  I haven't heard anything from him so there must be nothing wrong with the shoulder except fibromyalgia.  I suspect that is the same with the knee, unless the arthritis is kicking up a storm, but since it comes and goes, I suspect fibromyalgia.

I hope you are having a good day.  It was beautiful out this afternoon.


  1. Hi,just found your blog..I also have Fibro and it's horrible..anyway, I try every day to wake up with a good attitude, I WILL feel better tody, but most days are not great. I also have degenerative arthritis of the neck and spine..stinks!
    Just wanted to say hi and say I know what you are going through dear.
    please stop by my blog and say hi!

  2. I certainly will!!!!!! I have arthritis too, but we will get better!