Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It was slightly boring today until Charlie's lesson.  Frank's Mom had to work late so he couldn't make his lesson today.  I knew about this last week so it was not a surprise.

I left a message for the lady in charge of events at the Women for Women International.  I hope she calls me back tomorrow.  I am excited to receive all the information they are sending me for the benefit I am holding.  I am waiting to hear from Annie to see what day we will be having the benefit.  

I have to finish fixing Samantha's straps on her dress tomorrow.  They will be coming over to pick up the dress in the evening so I will do it in the afternoon.  It won't take long at all.  I will also be taking out the zipper in Aggie's dress so I can replace it on Thursday.  I have to budget my time sewing because of the pain in my hands.  I love sewing though so I do it in small doses.

I finally got to see a couple of pictures of Emily in her homecoming dress all done up.  She looked so beautiful.  It is so hard to believe that she is 16 and a junior in high school.  I still haven't talked Samantha out of wearing black tights and tennis shoes with her blue dress.  She doesn't realize how ridicules she is going to look.

Tonight is NCIS.  I love that show.  I am so glad it is on tonight.  This season has had a great beginning with the team back together again.

We should be getting our passports soon.  The fee has been put through so I know that they are in the process.  I can't wait.  We are going to visit my cousin when we get the passports.  We haven't been to Canada in over a year.  I don't really keep track, I just know it has been a long time.  I actually think I haven't been there in several years.  We were too busy with the store to go so I guess it has been a few years.  

Mom is falling asleep in her chair.  She does this a lot.  It can be quite funny.  She no longer likes to be in a room without me during the day.  She sits in on every lesson now.  I don't think we are going to be visiting the day center because she cries when she can't see me, so I don't think leaving her in a day center would be a good idea anymore.  She got upset in the bathroom at Tim Horton's this morning.  She had to go to the bathroom, so I ordered our usual bagels and muffins.  She didn't come out by the time I was finished getting the order.  I went into the bathroom and she was upset because she couldn't find me.  I guess this means I have to go with her to the bathroom.  I now know what to do.

I haven't heard from Richard lately.  His temporary job should be over by now unless he was hired full time.  I would think he would have let me know, but one never knows.  I am going to email him when I am finished with this post.  I worry about him and his family.  I miss them so much, especially the children, Abigail and William.  I haven't seen them in over a year now.  I hope to see them at Christmas time for a week or so.  Of course, if Richard needs us, we will be right there.

I hope this finds you well.

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