Sunday, October 11, 2009

We went to Port Huron after Katie's lesson this afternoon.  There is an awesome craft store there that we love.  I wanted to get some Christmas crafts that I think Mom can do.  We bought to packages of kits.  I think they will turn out cute.  They are pretty simple to do so she shouldn't have too much trouble with it.  After that we stopped at a restaurant we have been too before, but it wasn't as good.  The food was cold by the time you got to your table.  (It was a buffet restaurant).  I don't think we will go there again.  Definitely not worth it.  

Katie did pretty well with her lesson.  She is getting over a cold and no voice for a week.  She is a junior in high school but she is taking some college classes so I think that is neat.  She goes to the community college for both her high school classes and her college classes.

I tried to call Richard again, but he didn't answer.  I haven't heard from him at all.  He didn't even answer my email.  Mean big brother.  It has been a month since I have spoken to him.  I hope he has either found a job or will find one soon.  It sucks to be out of a job, I know.  It has been over a year since I lost my store and outside of the few lessons I teach, I have no job.  I don't know what I would do with Mom if I could get one.  Right now I am on disability so that is helping a lot.  It is not much, but it adds up with teaching.   I would prefer to either have another part time job and teach or teach full time, unfortunately I am not really well enough for that right now.  Maybe by spring I will be better.  They are supposed to come out with some new medicine that will help fibro fog, which is a big problem for me.  We shall see and hope.

Pain is medium, shoulder is medium for a change.  Brain fog mild for a change too.  I like this day.  I woke up at 11 am and then reset the alarm for 11:30, Mom didn't interrupt as much as she has the last few days, so it was good.

I hope you are enjoying your day and things are doing well with you!

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