Wednesday, February 9, 2011

0 degree temps with -10 degree wind chill

It is so cold here.  I am not happy about being so cold.  I don't mind in the 20s right now since I have a very warm coat, but when it gets really cold, below zero with the wind chill, my bones ache, my joints ache, my head aches, and it is just really bad at night when it is this cold.  I have about 4 fleece blankets, 2 velour blankets, and 1 quilt on my bed at this point just to keep warm.  I am seriously thinking about switching rooms.  Momma's room is a bit warmer than mine and it is okay in the summer, so maybe I should switch to Momma's room.  I don't know.  I just don't know what is best.  Most of the time I love my room, until it gets this cold, then I am not so happy with it.

I am not feeling so well tonight.  My tummy has been a bit upset since last night.  I didn't have any regular tummy medicine though, so I had to use something else and it just doesn't work as well.  I went to the store and picked up some when I picked up my pain pills that I was also missing all day yesterday.  Apparently, it works better than I thought because I didn't have any yesterday and I ached all day and night.  I am grateful to have both medicines right now.  I do hope they kick in soon.

I had a new student this afternoon, Brianna, she is taking both piano and voice.  She is 15 and a homeschooler.  She did very well for the first lesson.  I look forward to working with such an ambitious young lady.  She is on her way right now to pick up the piano books she accidently left here.  She just picked them up.  Difficult to practice when the books are at your teachers house!  Her mom is ordering her music tonight so that is too cool.  I am so happy when they order the music right away.  It shows to me that they are serious about their lesson.  I have one mom who doesn't want to order any music right now because she isn't sure her daughter is serious about lessons.  I do hope this month she buys some music.  That would be good.

I don't teach again until Saturday.  I am going to stop at the Lawyers office to drop off yet some more paperwork.  I am so tired of this.  I have to find my social security card.  When I go upstairs I will look in the file cabinet.  I don't know if mine is in there or not.  Otherwise, I have to order a new one because I need it for the bankruptcy hearing.  I don't know why, I just do.  I had hoped to just order it online, but that isn't the case.  You can't just order a new one online like I thought.  Darn.  Oh well, I will get it.  I am asking the lawyer about that tomorrow.  I wish the medicare card would count but it is a totally different card.  I have a court hearing on March 2 downtown.  I will map it out a few days before and maybe take a ride down there so I know where I am going.  I have never been to the courthouse down there so I am nervous about being late.  If I am late, the hearing will get postponed and rescheduled.  I definitely don't want to do that.

I had a brief meltdown this afternoon before I went to go and get Brianna's music.  It was definitely a bad missing Mom moment.  They seem to happen less often, but are still intense when they happen.  From what Brianna's Mom said, it doesn't get better, just a bit more bearable.  She lost her Mom a year ago.  I have heard that before, my friend, Anne, said the same thing.  We belong to a club of motherless daughters, a club I had hoped to never belong too, yet I do.  I also melted down before bed last night.  I think because I was in so much pain that just added to the meltdown.  I think I was missing how Momma would rub my legs and help them not hurt so much.  I miss that.  Sometimes I would hurt so bad that it wouldn't help, but sometimes it did help.  It made me feel better even if it didn't help the pain.  Momma always felt so bad for me and wanted to know what she could do to help lessen the pain.  It was nice to have a sympathetic, but not overly sympathetic Mom.  If was wallowing in self pity she would pull me right up.  She didn't put up with that too much.  I now have to do that with myself in memory of her.  I try not to feel to sorry for myself as I have noticed that it increases my pain level.  I wonder if that is normal?

I will most likely going to bed a bit early because I am really tired.  I didn't sleep to well last night with having an upset tummy most of the night.  I am hoping for a better night tonight.  I really am, although with no lessons in the next couple of days, I can take a nap if necessary.

I am feeling more confident about the finances now with the new students that I have.  It makes me really think that I can make all the bills and not have an issue with them.  I am looking forward to being about to pay the bills and breathe a sigh of relief of being able to pay them and not have them get behind.  I was so nervous at first about that but now I am relaxing a bit about that.  My prayers have been answered with the finances.  Momma is definitely my guardian angel on this issue.  I just hope I can be as wise with money as she was.  That is my goal to be financially wise like my Momma.  I love being told I am a lot like her.  I hope I am with the good things.

I do hope you have had a good day.  Overall, it wasn't too  bad, just filled with a bit of pain and upset tummy issues.  I do hope they go away tonight.  I did take the medicine so I am hopeful it will work.


  1. Heather,
    You know I am in that same club...I think meltdowns are okay occasionally. You have to let it out sometimes. Then, you get it together and go on. When I freak out, I think about what my mom would say if she saw me. I'm confident she wouldn't be happy to see freak and she'd tell me!

    I'm sure the horrific weather also plays a part in your mood. It just plain sucks! It is freezing cold here, too. Think warm, think'll be here before you know it!


  2. I'm sorry to hear about you losing your mom. When I was reading the part about how your mom use to rub your legs to try and ease the pain, brought back memories of my mom doing the same thing when I was a kid to try and ease the pain in my legs. Although it didn't take the pain away, somehow her touch made me feel safe and comforting. I haven't lost her...yet. But tables have turned and my sister and I are basically taking care of her at this point. I hope you are/were able to get a better night sleep and have found some sort of relief from your pain! The temp here is around the same (down in the Chicagoland area) so I can relate to the hatred of this cold, evil weather!

    Take care and gentle hugs,

  3. Heather, you are doing so well, it's natural you are going to have a meltdown now and again..the pain doesn't help either! Hope you get a good night's sleep dear.