Sunday, February 20, 2011

It is snowing again! Ugh!

I went grocery shopping this afternoon.  When I left the sky was gray, but no snow or rain at all.  When I came out?  It was snowing down hard.  I had to clean off my car before I left.  I didn't listen or watch the news yesterday so I didn't know we were expecting snow.  Well, I will watch the news every night from now on so I know what to expect.  I certainly would have picked a better time to go.  I did get my medicine that I haven't had for a few days.  It was the Zantac.  I also refilled the cholesterol medicine as I only have about 3 days left.  I needed to pick up a few things, but not too much as I did a good shopping a few weeks ago.

I have a very busy day tomorrow.  I think I have rested pretty well to get ready for tomorrow.  I am excited to have the Muglia girls tomorrow.  They are such sweethearts, all three of them.

Not too much happening today now that I am done grocery shopping.  I am just going to read and watch some TV for the rest of the day.  I do hope we don't get so much snow tonight although from what one of my Facebook friends have said, we may be getting 6 to 8 inches today.  Not happy about that.  Yuck.  It does look beautiful though, I will admit that and I love the way sunshine reflects on snow.  I just don't like driving in it right now.

My head is normal today and so is the rest of the pain, which is surprising since it is snowing.  I do hope you are having a good day.

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  1. Yes, I heard IT was on it's way, and this morning I saw where several areas got hit pretty hard...again. It is a good thing you went ahead and picked up your medicine.
    Lately we have had mild temperatures, but until March has gone by I will keep my fingers crossed. Keep your feet dry!