Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Warmer weather!

It was such a nice day today.  The weather was beautiful.  This is my idea of winter, temperatures in the 40s.  I bought my new Easter tablecloth this afternoon.  It was very strange picking one by myself as Momma usually help picked them out with me.  It is a cute one and I think she would totally approve.  I will put it on in a few weeks when Ash Wednesday arrives.  I am not even sure when that will be this year.  I do know that Easter is very late this year, April 24 or something like that.  It has made me really trying to figure out when the Spring Concert will be.  I am now not sure since Easter is so late.  I will figure it all out soon.

I only had one student tonight.  He is one of my adult singers.  He works really hard, but I suspect he was rather tired tonight.  He seemed that way.  I am glad he made the lesson despite the tiredness.  Charlie will have his lesson on Friday this week.  I have 1 lesson tomorrow too and then 1 on Thursday.  So far, lessons are going well and outside of the temporary students, only 1 new one has quit and that was right after his first lesson.  I do hope for more this spring and I hope none quit for summer or I could be in a bit of a pickle.  I am positive God will surely take care of me.  He has done such a great job so far, so I am sure he will make sure I will be okay for the summer.

It has been a rather quiet day except for the one lesson.  I went and paid the house bill, bought the new tablecloth, and then a new book.  I love gift certificates.  They are the best inventions!  I am almost done with the gift certificates now.  I have a few more and that is it.  I will take my time with the rest of them.  Kathy won't be back in town for a bit so I will put them aside until she is back in town or I am in her town.  I don't have any plans to travel right now, outside of competition coming up, but one never knows.

The nice thing about the warmer weather is that I have less pain.  It is nice to be able to get up from the chair and have less pain and less stiffness.  I like that a lot.  I have found out that the pain I thought was my hips is actually my lower back right at the hips.  My friend, Heather B-T showed me an exercise that should help.  I have remembered to do it a couple of times.  My goal is to remember both in the morning and night.  She said this should help some of the pain, so I am all for it.  I also have won a "free" membership to a somewhat local gym.  Yeah, free except for the maintenance fees, which you have to pay up front and right away.  Well, naturally I turned it down as I cannot afford the fees.  I am sick of these so called free memberships.  If it was truly free, then I would accept it, but they aren't.  I know Joe put my name in.  He has done it before.  I don't appreciate that as if and when I can afford a gym, I will pick one nearby.  This one is about 30 to 40 minutes away from me, not very convenient at all.  I am tired of him interfering in my life.  He showed up on Saturday during a lesson.  He wanted to take me to lunch.  Obviously, he listened to me a few weeks ago when I said I teach on Saturday.  I told him I am teaching all afternoon and then I have company arriving.  He left pretty quick as I was teaching at that time.  I don't like lessons being interrupted.  I just don't.  I rarely answer the phone during a lesson too.  It has too be very important in order for me to answer it.  Most of the time I would answer it if Momma were in the hospital and pretty much that was about it.  Everyone else can leave a message and I will call back.

It was a bit more than usual missing Mom afternoon.  It hit me hard again as I was picking the tablecloth for Easter.  We used to pick them together so it was strange to pick it myself.  It made me miss her all the more than usual at that point.  Now, it is just a usual missing Momma day.

I do hope you have had a good day.

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