Friday, February 11, 2011

exhausted day

I don't know why, but I am so exhausted today.  I think I pretty much slept most of the day away.  I was up for a bit and then went back to bed.  I finally got back up again for dinner about 6 pm.  I am still so very tired so I will be heading to bed shortly.  I am just so tired and I don't really know why.  Usually it is because I did too much or didn't get enough sleep the night before, but I slept okay yesterday so I am at a loss of why I am so exhausted.

I am excited about tomorrow.  I get 5 lessons to teach and Kathy!!!!!  Kathy is going to be here at 4 pm and boy do I have plans!  He he he!!!!  I am excited that I will get her until Sunday afternoon.  I do hope she has a good time.  I figure she will arrive and we will whisk away for dinner and then on to the surprise in the evening.  I know she will have a good time, she is usually game for anything, which is one of the best things about her, besides being my best friend.  We have known each other since we were 3 years old when we met in Sunday School at church.  We went to school together all the way through from Kindergarten to 12th grade.  We didn't go to the same college as she went to Western Michigan University and I stayed here in town for college.  I went to Wayne State University in Detroit.  After college, she moved back into town and then got married and moved to Kalamazoo!  I do wish we lived closer, but we do have good visits when we are together.  Momma and I went to see her and her lovely family this summer and had a good time.  Momma really had a good time.  I am glad she did because she needed the time away too and to have a nice relaxing time from her not so good summer.  Kathy was at the funeral for mom which I really appreciated especially since I held myself together for most of the service but at the end I lost it when it was over and they took Momma away.  Fortunately, Kathy was there and I cried all over her.  She said just let it out.  My other good friend, Peggy was there too as well as the Emerton family.  Lily was there too.  She sat next to me at the luncheon.  Her sister, Emily didn't stay for the luncheon as she had a rough time during the funeral.  Both girls were close to my mother and looked to her as a grandmother.  I simply love all of the Emerton girls.  Their parents are very good friend too.  I am very blessed with my friends as well as my family.

I am thinking that next Sunday maybe Lily can come over for games as I haven't seen her since Christmas and that is just too long for me.  I need my Lily.  I have cookie dough too so we can make cookies too.  The following weekend is competition.  I am looking forward to competition as it will be a nice weekend away.  I am nervous about the drive there and back as I don't know how exhausted I will be, but if necessary I can stop and rest on the way.  It really is only about 3 hours away.  What used to happen is that I would drive there and Mom would drive home until, of course, she became unable to drive then she just kept me company on the way home.  I only have 3 students going to competition this year.  It is less than I used to have, but what can I say?  It is the economy and I got the new students too late to have them enter.  Perhaps next year I will have a few more.  Doesn't matter to me, if you want to go then go, if not, that is okay too.  The important part to me is the learning process.  Learning to sing or play properly, using good techniques, learning the techniques, and stuff like that.  I love teaching although I miss how many students I used to have.  I have to be careful how many I have because I am not healthy enough to teach full time which bums me out, but I have learned to live with this.  I think it is something that many of us have had to learn to live with.

I can't wait until tomorrow.  It should be a fun weekend.  I can't wait to see Kathy.  I do hope she has a good weekend here with me.  It all starts shortly after I am done teaching with going out to dinner.  I have gift certificates!!!

I do hope you are having a better day than me.

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  1. Sorry that you were so tired. Perhaps the extra rest will assure you of not tiring out over the fun filled, planned weekend. Hope it is as great as you expect. It is a wonderful gift to have a friend that you have known for most of your life.