Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lazy Day

Well, instead of clearing out the utility room I went to the bookstore.  I got 3 new books.  One was the new Cleopatra book, a non fiction one, which I got for 60% off!  The other two were paper back and looked interesting.  I may start the back room tonight or tomorrow.  I need to find the black garbage bags though to put Momma's clothes in.  My clothes need to be hung up or put in the proper drawer in my room.  Then on to emptying the 2 boxes of stuff that are back there.  Pretty much it, only I didn't do anything except read today.  I was pretty sore when I woke up so I came down and took some pain pills.  Of course, I am out of my regular pain pills today.  I did call in and order a refill only to find out that the prescription is out of refills and it will take another day to get a new prescription from my doctor.  Yeah, oops on the timing of that one.

I did have a lovely chat with Kathy today!  That was the highlight of my day.  Alicia and Samantha (age 4) also said hi and chatted for about 2 seconds each but it made them happy.  I love talking to them.  Alicia told me the big news at preschool is that they got new toys to play with.  Apparently, this preschool changes the decorations in the room every month and puts out different toys to play with every month too.  Sounds like a really good idea as the kids can't get sick of toys because they are different every month.  It seems to me it is a great idea!

It is very quiet in the house tonight as I don't have the TV on right now.  I am enjoying the silence.  I just heard the heat kick in again.  It is supposed to be very cold these next few days.  I am NOT looking forward to that then it is suppose to warm up a bit.  That I am looking forward too.

I have only 1 more lesson during the week this week.  All my lessons seem to be on Saturday this week. My today's lessons were moved to yesterday because of schedules and the one I was suppose to have earlier in the afternoon had to cancel due to being out of town with work.  I am disappointed with that, but not much I can do except look forward to his next lesson.  My Thursday girl moved to Saturday morning at 11 am because of her Mom's work schedule.  I am glad we finally straightened that out because I was getting rather worried about that.  So after a lesson tomorrow at 6, I don't have another one until Saturday morning at 11 am.  I will have to buy some milk this week before the weekend.  I meant to do that this afternoon when I went to the book store, but I forgot until I was comfy in the house.  It is too cold out to go now.  I can wait until tomorrow.  I don't need the milk this evening, although I was getting in the habit of having a glass before bed.  I don't know if it helps with sleeping, but I do like it so that is why I was doing that.

I have a semi-bad headache right now.  My left side is a bit sorer than normal.  Probably because I only have Tylenol for pain right now and that doesn't always cut it.  I can't do anything about that right now until the pharmacy calls to tell me my refill is ready.  I do hope it doesn't take very long, that is for sure!

I am looking forward to the weekend.  It looks like Kathy will be able to come barring some unexplained circumstance that neither she nor I are aware of.  I am so looking forward to it.  We need some good bonding time!  She is coming on Saturday.  She is going to stop and visit her parents while I teach.  I think that is a great idea because parents need to see their children, even if it is only for a little while.  Then she will be coming here!  I am so excited to have her for almost 2 days!  If we need to reschedule, well, that will be a disappointment, but I do understand things come up.  I have the spare bedroom all ready for her.  We are going to use some of the gift certificates I have.  I have one for Olive Garden and another for Red Robin.  Both are so good!  I simply love both restaurants and spending them with Kathy is a great thing to me.  I have some books for her to read to.  I just finished Daughters.  It is a YA book, but it is so good.  I really enjoyed it.  I have some new ones though now.

I am going to put the news on for a bit now.  I have to see what the weekend weather is going to be like!  I do hope nothing drastic that will make it impossible for Kathy to come.  I do hope you are having a great day!


  1. I'd much rather read or shop for books than clean the utility room!! Sounds like a relaxing day...hope your pain eases some soon. take care and keep warm!

  2. Yeah, I'd choose reading over cleaning ANY day!! So you read and keep warm. It will help you forget about your pain, too, hopefully. Feel better soon.

    Gentle hugs,

  3. NEW BOOKSA! Lucky you!! I'm sure you would rather find new books than clean the utility room!! Enjoy your visit with Kathy. Sounds like you are excited about her aarrival. Also enjoy your lessons on Saturday...it will be a busy but happy day. Hugs