Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday with nice weather

I am loving this warmer weather stuff.  It makes me long for spring and it is only here for a few days then back to the cold winter weather we always have.

It is a quiet type week with lessons almost everyday.  I have one tonight that I have not had in several weeks as her mother's work schedule just didn't allow a lesson in.  I am so glad I have her tonight.  It will be lots of fun for the two of us.  She is a very nice young lady who is 13, I think or almost 13.  She is doing very well with the piano lessons so I am pleased with her progress.  I can't wait to hear her tonight!

Maia is coming for a short visit this week too, so I am glad about that.  She will arrive sometime tomorrow and stay until Saturday.  I am glad.  I haven't had too much time with her since November as she has been rather busy moving and getting things in order in her apartment.  They have moved closer to her mother which is a good things.  Mothers are very important.

I am going to swiffer the floor now and make it all nice and pretty for Maia's visit.  I love my swiffer as I am able to do it without much pain.  I have both the wet and the dry so I am totally covered.  I do need to do some more domestic type stuff before tomorrow.  I have to wash a set of sheets that go on the spare bed and then make up the bed.  I plan to do that after the lesson tonight.  First I will do the floor and the hall way as it needs my attention.  I have all the housework planned out and so far it is working well.  I do a bit everyday so that it doesn't cause extra pain.

I do hope your day is going well.  Mine is just quiet with the exception of the lesson that I am looking forward too.

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  1. Glad all is going so nicely. It will be fun for you to have company for a while.
    So many of us are enjoying this splendid weather - do you think it is just a tease? Regardless I am spending time outdoors enjoying the warmth of the sun while it lasts.
    So glad you mention laundering sheets. it reminded me that I have clothes in the washer ready to go to the dryer.