Sunday, February 6, 2011

A fun afternoon

Well, instead of book club, we went to Olive Garden for lunch.  I woke up late as usual, and was a bit hungry.  Maggie has been so busy with work that she didn't have time to finish the book yet.  So we will talk about it next month.  We already have the month after's book picked.  It is an ancient Egypt couple of months.  I simply love book club.  I am excited that my friend, Pattie will be joining us.  I will be messaging her today so she can plan ahead.  I am so excited about this stuff!  I now teach until 4 on Saturday so book club is going to be a bit later than it used to from now on.  I don't mind.  It makes for a very fun filled day.  Lessons and then book club!

Maggie and I just talked and talked about so many subjects.  She is a wonderful friend to have.  I am so blessed with the friends I have.

I have to pay some bills today, well, write the checks out for them.  I am going to do that as soon as I finish up with my post.

Competition is coming up.  I made the hotel reservations the other day.  I am looking forward to competition.  It will be a nice getaway for me.  I have only been to competition by myself once, so this will be strange.  Also, I am the only one who is planning to go to the banquet which kind of stinks because I think everyone should attend.  It is always good and then you have a good seat at the awards ceremony.  I have to send in my check for that too.  Just called Rachel, they aren't planning to go to the awards banquet so i think I will surprise Rachel and get her a ticket.  She won't know until competition.  I think she would like to go as it is her last year.  I did ask Tillie if she wanted to go but she can't this year.  Oh well, maybe another time.  I will have a good time anyways.

Well, it has been a fun filled day so far.  I am making cookies for the kids who are coming to do my driveway and sidewalks.  They are such a nice family, super nice and supportive.  Barb's daughter, Carolyn was the one who would come and stay with Momma when I had to shop.  She was so good with Momma.  When I called Barb to ask her to pray for us when Momma was dying, she came right away.  It was so nice.  They also came to the viewing and the service we had for the little lady.

It is a normal pain day, nothing is worse than normal so I am so glad about that!  My headache is it's normal pain.  With the snow we have had I expected worse than normal pain and I didn't get it so I am happy about that.  It is also a normal missing Momma day so that is good too.  It was nice to talk about Momma with Maggie.  She knew her pretty well these last few years.  She says I am doing really well and am thinking things clearly.

I do hope you have a good Superbowl day!  I will be reading for a while after I make cookies for the kids.

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