Sunday, February 13, 2011

a fun filled weekend!

I had 4 lessons on Saturday.  My last lesson cancelled due to work, I think that was why.  Kathy arrived at 4:10 pm just about as planned.  I whisked her away to Olive Garden for dinner.  Boy, it was a good think we went early because when we left, it was jammed packed with people waiting.  We had such a good time for dinner.  I kept teasing her about the surprise after dinner.  Now, I know Kathy does not really like surprises and I love to do this to her, so I broke down and told her the surprise.  She was so excited!  The surprise was going to our other friend, Heather B-T's house for games for the evening.  She hasn't really be able to spend a lot of time with Heather like I have been able to.  So after dinner, we stopped by her parents house to pick up something.  Kathy had visited with her parents before coming over to my place.  It would have been terrible to be in town and not stop in to see your parents.  They are very important.  So we chatted for a few minutes and Mrs. Knight showed me her Nook and now I want one a lot.  I am going to start putting money aside for one.  They're are simply wonderful.  I just love it.  I can only imagine how much space I would save by having one and not books.  We stayed for a few minutes at her parents and then headed right over to Heather B-T's house.  Calli and Acer were waiting for us.  First we chatted a bit.  Acer showed me the new electric piano they have.  It is totally awesome!  Bill, Heather's husband, also mentioned he knows a piano tuner so he is going to get me the name as in the spring my pianos are hopefully being tuned.  They haven't since we moved them into the house in September of 2008.  It is amazing they still sound wonderful but I am beginning to notice a slight out of tuneness that drives me batty.  Anyways, after chatting for a few minutes we went into the kitchen to play some games.  Acer decided he wanted to play other things so he didn't play, but that was okay.  Calli wanted to play some games with us.  We played Would you rather.  It was a blast!  I love that game.  I hope to play it again with them soon.  It was so much fun.  We laughed and giggled at our equally awful choices of what we would rather do.  Would you rather have ants in your nose and ears or slime all over you, type things.  Definitely worth a good giggle or too.  Then we played Uno.  Calli and I love that game.  Kathy likes it too.  We left at about 10 when the kids were in bed and Heather needed to get to bed to get up for church the next day.  Kathy and I headed back to my house and then talked to 1:30 in the morning!  Yes, I was awake until shortly after 1:30.  I was just having such a good time!  So we headed off to beds and then we both got up around 10, with me more around 10:30.  I asked her not to let me sleep past 10:30 because I didn't want to miss out on any of the visit!  So after we had some relaxing in the morning we headed to Red Robin for dinner.  Boy that was really good.  I am still so stuffed from it!  I don't anticipate any dinner for me as I am so full.  those burgers are huge and the fries are heavenly!  We didn't get an appetizer as I knew how big these burgers were.  Lunch was so fun.  When we walked in they looked kind of busy and I thought we would have to wait but we didn't.  We got seated right away.  Once lunch was finished and we were both so stuffed we headed to Walmart.  I needed to get some pop and chicken and Kathy needed to get some Valentine stuff.  There was no scooter there!  Oh my, that is a tragedy for me as I don't walk very well.  I knew we only needed a few things so we got a cart and I hung on to it for balance and we went to get what we needed.  it wasn't too bad.  I got my couple of things, so did Kathy and we checked out.  Then we went to Target.  Again, no scooter so I grabbed a cart and we got what we needed and left.  I am rather tired from all that walking but I am not feeling too bad from it so I am really happy about that.  I was able to do a bit more walking than I thought, but to do a whole lot of groceries, well, I can't see that happening very well.

Overall, this was a fantastic weekend and I hope we can do it again.  Even her little Samantha (she's 4) told her to have fun at my house.  Wasn't that just the sweetest thing ever?  Her children are awesome.  All four of them are wonderful children.  I enjoy being with them and watching them play and have fun together.

I do hope your weekend was as good as mine.

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