Friday, February 4, 2011

semi busy day

I had one lesson at about 12:15 this afternoon, then I  went grocery shopping, then I had 2 more lessons.  I believe it is the last lesson for Stephanie because tomorrow is Solo and Ensemble and that is what we were working towards.  I may have a new one because a mom called me today so that is hopeful.  She will take both piano and voice so that is awesome!  She is 15.  I hope her Mom calls back tomorrow and signs her daughter up.  I am hopeful!

It is supposed to be rather cold this weekend, so I am probably not going to go out this weekend.  I don't want to freeze, not at all.  I do have a nice new coat, but I don't like to freeze so unless I have to, I am not going out.  I am thankful for my new coat.  It definitely keeps me warm on these cold days.

I may have company on Sunday for dinner.  We shall see.  I have invited Tillie but she isn't sure if she is babysitting Warren or not.  I do hope she comes over.  It will be fun.  I plan on making beef stew and biscuits with cake as desert.  I haven't had anyone over for dinner since Thanksgiving week so I am hoping she comes over.  I guess she is planning to come over on Tuesday for shopping.  She doesn't always stop here when she goes shopping.  I don't shop very much.  I don't particularly like it.  It isn't very fun to me.  I did like shopping for Mom when we had the money for it.  I did like picking clothes for her, but I don't like it for me.

I am planning to go to bed a bit early tonight as I have to be up a bit early for lessons.  I have 4 lessons and book club tomorrow!  I am so excited about that.  I haven't seen Maggie since before Christmas.  I think I know what book we are going to read this next month.  My friend, Pattie wants to join our book club so hey, how cool is that?  I think it is neat.  She will get along really well with Maggie.  Maggie is just so nice.

It has been a nice day.  I am looking forward to the weekend.  I do hope yours is going well too!

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