Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random Thoughts

Maia was supposed to come this afternoon but is unable to make it today so she is coming tomorrow morning instead.  Her son, Zachary just had a root canal so she needs to make sure he is okay.  Must take care of these children, that is for sure.

I had one lesson already, Brianna takes both voice and piano and is doing quite well for the 2nd lesson.  She is such a sweetheart.  We would talk forever if I don't keep track of time.  We get along very well.  I have a make up lesson later this evening.  My 12:30 Saturday Amanda.  She will be out of town this weekend.  I am glad we are making it up.  Make-ups are definitely the way to go.  Next weekend there will be no lessons because I will be out of town.  I don't know if we can do any make-ups then or not.  We shall see.

It is still very nice outside.  It is about 50 degrees which is so nice compared to the negative wind chill numbers we have had.  We have one more day of this and then back to the 30s.  I am hoping it doesn't seem so cold when it gets here though.  I am so looking forward to spring!  I need my spring!  Of course, then comes summer which is another season I don't do well in.  Hmm, I need to move where there is 70 degree weather all the time.  I have no idea where on earth that would be though.  I think that is just dreamland right now.

I have some theory stuff I need to do for my students this weekend.  They will be learning lots of theory with their vocal music.  i don't want them to be the type of voice student who can't read music.  That would just be terrible especially if music is what they want to do when they grow up.  It is important to be able to read the music too not just sing it.

I am going to read for a bit now.  I do hope you are having a good day too.  Despite the fact I was slightly disappointed that Maia isn't coming tonight, I do get her tomorrow, so it will work out fine, it is a good day.  My face hurts less than it did yesterday from when I closed the cupboard on it.  That was a brilliant move, let me tell you.  I shut the cabinet door on my cheek.  Man, did that hurt bad.  Pain level seems to be a bit higher than normal.  I am thinking perhaps I should see my doctor about better pain meds as these aren't working as well as I would like.  Some days it seems like they don't work at all.

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