Friday, February 18, 2011

laundry day

I hate to do laundry.  I put it off as much as possible until I get to a day like today where all my outer clothes need to be washed.  Oops!  I meant to do a load the other day but got distracted by something so this morning I went to get dressed and realized, oh, wow, no clean clothes so I trudged down the stairs with my load and put the in.  Ooh, now time for the dryer.  Be right back!

Step two no in progress!  I guess you would think I would learn my lesson from this?  I know I won't I will do the same thing again in a week or two.  it is a process I go through pretty much every time I do laundry.

Maia will be coming this afternoon instead of the morning as planned.  Her son, Zachary, who had a root canal yesterday apparently was very ill last night.  Poor kid!  At least Maia was there to take care of him.  I am picking her up at the bus stop at Walmarts at about 2:40.  i will be there waiting for her.

Katie is coming for a brief time today.  She is picking out 3 painted violins for the auction her work is having.  She is picking them herself.  I told her she could.  I am just excited that someone wants them for a good cause!

I slept so badly last night.  I had nightmares about 5 this morning.  It felt like I was going downstairs and the power was out.  It was scary.  After going back to sleep again, it happened again!  I went through this for about 45 minutes when I finally prayed that they would go away and they did!  I slept a bit better after that.  I am thinking I may go and take a wee nap before I pick up Maia.  I am just so exhausted from that.  This happens every so often again and it usually happens between the hours of 2 to 5 am.  We live in a safe neighborhood.  We haven't had a house break in in many many years.  Why am I so scared of one?  What could I possibly do if one happened anyways?  I have the screen door and both locks on the main doors locked.  It isn't like it would be easy to get in, but still I have that fear some nights.  Last night was one of them.  I rarely had this issue when Momma was here.  I have only developed the fear since she passed away and it was really bad the first few months she was gone.  Now it is just once in a while. I don't like it, I don't like the nightmares I get, nor do I like feeling afraid.  I hope not to have this happen tonight.  Lately it hasn't happened two nights in a row plus Maia will be here.

I have Charlie's lesson today.  He won't have one next week because he doesn't have school that day so we already made up the lesson for him last week.  I like that he makes up his lessons.  I like that a lot.  I have about 5 lessons on Saturday and on Monday, i have 8 so far right now.  I haven't had 8 lessons in a day for a long time.  I, as of right now, get my Muglia girls, then I have Bob, Callie, and Acer.  I also get Rachel and Rebecca who I haven't seen since December and competition is next week.  I hope they are prepared.  We shall see.

I hope to get a scanner/copier/printer next month.  I am returning Tillie's to her this weekend and I want my own.  It makes it much easier to get ready for lessons if I have something I can copy right away instead of going out to do it.  I loved the one I had at the store, but like everything else, it went too when the bank came and took everything.  They even sold the light fixtures at the auction.  The store was stripped bare.  I don't think about it as much as I used too.  It would be nice to have because I would have a place to go every day, but I really am not healthy enough to run one.  It was a lot of work and I ended up in the hospital ER 13 times with 3 extended visits, something I am not interested in doing again.

I have decided i have to talk to my doctor about my bad headaches.  This new pain medicine isn't cutting it.  It isn't helping at all at this point.  I am making the appointment for next week.  I also need to do my protime at that point too.  I have had just way too many bad headaches since I switched medicines.  I do hope I find something that works better.

I am planning on a good day despite being so tired.  I do hope yours is good too.  We are enjoying our last warm day.  Starting tomorrow winter comes back.  Ugh, at least it will only be in the 30s and not below zero.

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