Tuesday, February 1, 2011

preparing for the blizzard of the year

I am prepared, well, as prepared as one can get.  We are supposed to get somewhere between 12 and 18 inches of snow between tonight starting at 7 pm and 7 pm tomorrow night.  We shall see.  We didn't get the little bit of snow we were supposed to last night so it is a wait and see mode in the Paxton house for the snow.

My noon student rescheduled his lesson to Friday.  I had the choice of just marking it paid because he called so late or rescheduling it.  I chose to reschedule because he is brand new and interested in singing so why no give the opportunity to reschedule since I have the availability.  The new one tonight is on his way.  He called to see if he could start earlier and since I don't have Charlie tonight, it won't be a problem.  Charlie will have his lesson on Friday this week.  Charlie prefers to make up his lessons as opposed to just skipping them.  He is my kind of student!  Sometimes we double up on one because he missed the week before.  I don't mind.  We always have things to play.

My kitchen looks so pretty.  I don't want to mess it up by cooking!  Isn't that funny?  I am pleased with how everything looks.  I have my plans finalized for the family room.  I am pleased about that too.  Tomorrow I am going to empty the shuffle board and take pictures for my cousin of it.  I am hoping it will be gone by the end of February.  I am a bit worried on how they are going to get it out of the downstairs, but we will find a way.  It has been done before and we will do it again.  I am anxious to get going on the house, but know that it will take a long time to do.  I am starting on the living room tomorrow.  Only a few things need to be taken care of there so that isn't going to be a problem.  I have a couple of packages of disposable undies that I am taking to church so they can send them to the mission. The opened packs will just have to go in the garbage.  No one will take an open package.  I understand completely, but one of the packages only has 1 missing so it is practically full.  Oh well, I have no use for them and since I can't donate them, off they go.  I also have a couple of turtlenecks in the living room that will go to Phoebe.  I will be collecting all the hoodies that Momma never wore and be giving them to her also.  She is the only one I know besides the Muglia girls, that is small enough for them.  I am not sure if they would fit the Muglia girls, they may be too big for them.  I am not sure.  If Phoebe doesn't want them, then I will give them to the Muglia's.  I have several that are really nice and have never been worn that I bought Momma last summer.

It has been an okay day.  I went to get ink for Tillie's printer/scanner/copier because I needed to copy some music.  I will be getting my own shortly.  I have a few places to check into before I purchase one myself.  I will be putting the other computer and the scanner for that computer away tonight.  They are taking a lot of room up on the table.  Once I get my new all in one, I have several pictures to scan.  I found some old band camp pictures and boy are they funny!  The one of Kathy  though, is blurry so I am bummed about that.  I have a few other packages of pictures downstairs that I haven't looked at yet though.  I think most of that box is my pictures.  I am going to scan them all and then put them on disc.  This way I have them saved nicely.

I plan to work on the dining room again tomorrow.  I had the table nicely cleared and everything, then I needed some paperwork copied for social services and well, there went the nice and neat table.  I will also be writing some checks ready to mail for Thursday.  I am trying to stay on top of bills instead of behind on them.  That is my new goal.  To be better organized!  I have about 4 piles of music that still need to be sorted and put away.  I also need to put away the CDs

Anyways, my student should be here anytime now.  It has been a normal missing Mom day and a normal pain day so yeah for that!  I do hope you are having a good day and that you are safe from the weather we are supposed to get.  Stay nice and cosy!


  1. Oh my, the weather sounds dreadful! Stay inside and keep warm ok?

  2. I miss my mom so much too. My thought are with you, I am also overwhelmed with things to do!! It sounds like your home is looking lovely!! Please stay safe in the weather!!