Saturday, February 5, 2011

more snow

I looked out the window when Amanda was leaving after her lesson and it was flurrying.  Nothing major, a few flakes here and there.  Well, by the time Kayla arrived, it was snowing hard and it still is.  We are heading for another 4 to 6 inches between today and tomorrow.  I am so not happy about this, but I can roll with it.  I just won't be heading anywhere for a couple of days that is for sure.  We were supposed to have book club today but it was snowing too hard so we are doing it tomorrow instead.  I don't mind.  I didn't have anything really planned since the snow ruined my plan.  Tillie doesn't drive in the snow so she isn't coming tomorrow.  Oh well, we are having book club so that is okay!  I don't mind.  Not one bit.  I get book club!

For some reason this afternoon I got a bad headache.  I will be heading to lay down shortly as it really hurts.  I am rather annoyed by it, but at least it came after lessons and not during!  I am so thankful for that! Because it is damp outside, the pain is a bit higher, but that is too be expected with this type weather.  It usually happens when it snows, rains, or is super cold or super hot.  So, basically, I am a fall and spring girl.  I sure do hope that the person who has been doing my snow all winter is going to do it again, because otherwise, it won't really get done because I just can't do it.  I simply can't stand long enough for it or lift the snow.  Mom used to have fits when I would try.  She would be like, put that down, go in the house, what are you trying to do to yourself!  I have finally come to realize, I just can't do it myself.  I need help with it.  I did buy some cookie dough to make the person who is doing it some cookies, if I ever find out who it is.  I haven't checked to see if it stopped snowing so I don't know if it has been done.  I will check tomorrow before Maggie arrives.

Not much happening this evening.  I had 4 lovely lessons today.  They went very well.  I am excited about my new students and the progress they are making.  I am not sure if Amanda S's mom is happy, but she is progressing very well.  Her mom just doesn't hear any difference yet.  She has only had 3 lessons so far.  I do hope she gives her a chance.  We shall see.  I have another busy week ahead!  i love being busy!  My Thursday student who didn't show up did call me this afternoon.  It looks like we will be moving her lesson to Saturday also because of Mom's work schedule.  I am so glad I was able to get a hold of her.  i was getting really worried about it because she already paid for the lessons and then to miss without a phone call?  So we are going to speak tomorrow and confirm the schedule.

I think I will go and lie down for a bit.  My head is sore and I am so tired.  I am also cold right now.  I do hope you are having a good day too.


  1. Sorry you have a headache Heather. Hope the nap helped. Snow is pretty but it sure slows down life! Sounds like your lessons aren't slowing down because of the snow. I had a good day. Accomplished many things. Felt good, but tired.

  2. Hope your headache gets better, Heather. It is so a part of fibro! I hate fibro! Hope you feel better.