Monday, February 7, 2011

a simple Monday

I was expecting to have about 6 lessons today, however, my lovely Calli is still not feeling up to a lesson, so she and Acer were absent, which left me with 3 lessons.  That was fine.  I just hope my little ones feel better soon.  Actually, I was also supposed to have the Muglia's today, which is 3 lessons, but as they all have the flu, so no lessons there either.  I will see them next week instead.

I am trying to work on my list of what to do with the house, reorganizing-wise.  Should I pull up the carpets in the upstairs, or not?  I don't know the condition of the hard wood floors that are underneath them, plus they would have all the carpet tacks holes in them, so is that a bad thing?  Hard to say for me.  I just don't know.  I am going to work a bit in the back room tomorrow, I think.  I am just not sure where to begin.  I really don't know.  I need to work on the upstairs too, but I am not sure I am ready to do that.  I think starting in the back room will be a good start.  There are many of mine and Momma's clothes hanging in the back room that need to be put away.  I will do that tomorrow as I have no lessons tomorrow at all.  Hard to believe but it is true.  No lessons at all so plenty of time to work on the back room.  Everything is so much harder to do without Momma here to help.  I think I still feel like I am walking through mud, but it isn't as bad as it used to be.

I was thinking about getting a new steam cleaner because ours is big and very heavy for me to use.  Well, it was pointed out that I probably couldn't do it in the first place because I would be in so much pain.  I hadn't thought of that so I won't be getting a new steam cleaner.  I will have to have someone do them for me.  I just am trying to come up with ways that will make it less dust around here especially in my room, which is filled with dust.  Our house is just filled with it.  The last couple of years I have skipped the spring cleaning because I was concentrating on Mom.  Now I am regretting that I ignored spring and fall cleaning for the last few years.  It just isn't a good idea to skip those type things.  I have started with the kitchen and I will be beginning the utility room.  I have to get the wall cleaner.  I don't remember what Momma used to use.  I do like the magic cleaner erasers though.  They are really nice and clean up so well.  I want to empty out the boxes in the back room and clean out some of the cabinets.  They weren't washed when we emptied them.  I thought they were, but they were only vacuumed out.  Some of them need to be washed, not all, just a couple of them.  I am moving the cans to the back room because I need to do some changing around in the kitchen again, but that doesn't need to be done until the grill finds its home.  I know where I am going to put it, I just have to empty the drawer and find a cupboard to put the stuff in.  First, though, I am going to work on the back room.  I have to put the clothes of Mom's in a bag to donate.

That's my plan for tomorrow and I hope I feel well enough to do all this!

I hope you are having a good day.


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  2. Wow, what a list that needs to get done! I hope you find yourself well enough to get as much done as possible without creating havoc on your body! I can definitely relate to the craziness of the oh mighty never ending list of things that need to get done and wondering if that will be yet another day where I don't have the energy or capacity to get any or all of it done! Have a pleasant day! :o)