Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

In Canada, it is Boxing Day.  In Ireland it is St. Stephen's Day.  For me here?  It is just the day I went and visited my aunt and uncle along with my brother.  It was an interesting day.  As soon as I got there, I gave Jayson his gifts and also the gifts for Michelle and Uncle John.  I had the special gift for Andrew, I thought he would be a bit sad over it because Mom is not here, but he chuckled and said he wasn't too surprised.  Mom often hid Christmas presents and then forgot about them.  He is right, but she was here to give them to him and now she isn't.  I am glad he wasn't too sad and that he liked it.  I am not sure if I could have held myself together if he was sad about it.  Andrew was later than we thought because he had stopped by Mom's grave to look at the headstone.  He took some pictures of it to show us.  He has a new iPhone now along with a new number.  I guess because of the work he does, he has to change the number a lot.  It makes it very confusing for me, but if it keeps him safe, then, I will deal with the fact I don't always have his number.  He is an outreach worker.  Right now he is working in a homeless shelter.  I am not sure what all he does, but he works there 2 nights a week and then 3 days/nights at the restaurant he has been working at.  He and Angi (his girlfriend) are about to move again to a safer neighborhood.  That would be a good thing.  I have never been to his apartment since he moved to London.  Maybe this one I will see.  Andrew and Angi brought their dog, Jagger, with them today.  It was quite funny because Jagger is a pug and Uncle John has a Newfoundland dog named Raven.  She is huge, almost like a tiny horse.  Jagger would go up to Raven and bark and then Raven would back away.  To see this small dog chase the big dog was funny.  It really was funny to see.  Jagger also likes people food and was trying to beg from Angi and Andrew.  I don't give dogs people food because I have no idea what they can and cannot eat.  I don't want to accidentally poison Jagger or any other dogs.

I got a nice Tim Horton's gift card from my Uncle and Michelle.  Now I have 2 of them.  I am happy about that!  I got a beautiful picture frame and sweater from Andrew.  The were really nice.  I wanted one of those type picture frames because I want to put some family pictures in it.  I want the family room to have the family pictures from 1989 and other family pictures, especially one with Mom in it.  I will take pictures when I have them all in order.  That won't be for a while though since I am working on other stuff.  The pictures in the house are the last to be worked on.  I have other more pressing issues to deal with first.

I am really tired tonight.  I think I will actually go to bed shortly because I am so tired.  I am getting up early tomorrow to go and see Kimberly.  I am excited about that.  Have a wonderful night!

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  1. Glad you had such a nice Christmas and boxing day with friends and relatives. It must have been so good to see your brother. Rest up, it's back to it tomorrow!