Monday, December 19, 2011

Monday before Christmas 12-19

I have the perfect gift for Emily and Lily.  I can't write what it is, but I really like what I got them.  I will hopefully see Lily on Wednesday.  I am not sure though since she is a very busy young lady now that she is in 8th grade.  She is only going to get busy as she enters high school next year.  Sometimes, I think back to how young she was when I first met her.  I remember Emily and I heading to a movie and Lily crying because we weren't taking her that particular time.  She was so sweet in a way because she only wanted to be with us.  We took her the next time.  I remember the first time she came to the movies without her sisters with us.  I don't remember what we were going to see, but it was a good children's movie.  Mom was with us.  Because it was such a monumental moment, we also got treats from the concession stand.  She picked this candy, jolly ranchers.  When we opened the bag, she discovered the weren't the type she liked.  Normally, we wouldn't have gotten anything else but she really didn't know so Mom took her back to the stand to get something else.  I believe Lily came back with popcorn and a beautiful smile.  She is a very special young lady so are her sisters.  Emily just finished her first semester in college.  Elyse and her husband are saving for their first house.  All in all, the three are doing well.

I haven't taken pictures yet, but I will.  I also have to pick up the boxes in the living room too.  I want to take a picture of the front window but I need to do it during the day.  When Isaac arrived today, I hadn't turned on the lights.  His mom did and they liked the tree that the girls did.  Sometime next week we are supposed to go and see a movie.  I hope to see one with Lily too.  It all depends on all of the girls' schedules.  They are all very busy.  I don't have a lot of lessons this week because of the holiday, but I have a couple new lessons with 3 little girls.  They will have an hour lesson, 20 minutes each.  The younger girls are almost 5 and in preschool.  The oldest is almost 7.  All three have their birthdays in February.  I am looking forward to the lessons.

This Christmas seems to be harder than last year at times.  Not all the time, just some times.  Tonight was one of them.  As I was coming home, it hit me.  I am alright now, but it was a rough few minutes and of course, I was driving when this happened.

I am out of my tramadol again.  I knew last week I should have called for refills, but I kept putting it off and now I am out.  I sure hope it comes in rather quickly.  It needs a new prescription.  Naturally, I waited until the last minute.  You would think by now I would know better, but no, not me.  I have to learn the hard way again.  Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution.  It is something to think about anyway!!!

I hope you are having a good day.

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  1. Hi Heather, sorry I have been MIA..I was in the hospital, better now, still struggling but much better than I was 3 weeks ago..

    I would love to see pictures of your Christmas home, please post some!

    I hope you are doing ok, I've missed you:)