Saturday, December 3, 2011

busy Saturday 12-3

It has been so busy today with getting ready for the concert.  I am printing the program now on really pretty paper.  It is a different program style than usual since I used some really neat paper.  It is just one page not the usual booklet.  I really like the paper and I totally forgot I even had it.  That is definitely something I would do.  I know I have some other pretty paper, I just am not sure where it is.  Boy, last week at this time I was with Kathy and we had just finished watching Breaking Dawn at the movies.  It was a good movie.  I really enjoyed it.  Surprisingly, it was pretty close to the book for the most part.  A few scenes were added but they made the movie more enjoyable instead of distracting.  I got up a bit earlier than usual for a Saturday so that Brianne could have her lesson.  She is pretty ready for the concert.  Sandra and Camille are definitely ready for the concert.  I have to put the presents together and then that is it for the concert.  I have the plates and cups in the car already so that is good!  I am very tired now after running around a bit this afternoon and evening.  I had to go and get ink because I thought the ink was going out.  So far, it is doing well.  Then earlier, I had to get gas because I was at a 1/4 tank and I don't like to be below that in the winter.  I know my car sits in the garage, but still if it is super cold out, it might not start so I have to keep it at at least 1/2 tank all winter.  It just makes me feel better if I do.  It is something Mom taught me when I started driving.  Never leave the car below 1/4 tank in the coldest of winter, your gas lines could freeze and that would be bad!  (Not to mention expensive to fix!)

I sure hope I print enough programs this time.  I used to have this down to a science, but not anymore!  The years of not having a lot of students has thrown me off my track.  So far I have printed 45.  I want to print 15 more.  I used the entire pack of paper so how ever many it prints is it for me.  I hope it will be enough.  I think so.  There aren't that many students, only 23 so I should have enough.  I did realize earlier today that I don't have enough mugs for Christmas gifts.  I have enough for the concert, but not for the ones who are not in the concert.  My printer is printing very slowly right now.  I don't know why.  Maybe it always does and I just have not ever noticed.  I have to copy the music for Jingle Bells tonight for tomorrow too.  Everyone is singing Jingle Bells at the end of the concert.  The programs are almost finished printing.  Then on to the mugs, stockings, pencils, and candy for the treat bags.  I was really unsure how to wrap the mugs but these treat bags should work wonderfully, I hope anyway.

I was able to talk to Kathy this evening.  Her parents are moving in a few months to a retirement community.  It has assisted living and a nursing home within the community if one of them should need it.  While I am glad that they are looking ahead (they are in their mid 70s), I am sad that it is so far away from me.  However, Kathy and I will do just fine when she comes to visit.  It is about 45 to 60 minutes away.  I have a general idea of where it is so that is good.  I don't plan to let something like this stop Kathy and I from visiting.  I am also hopeful that Kathy will be coming to visit me some time in the new year by herself.  We had a good time when she came last year.  It was so sweet, her daughter wished her to have a good time.  She has very sweet little girls.  All four of her children are just very nice children.  Matthew, her oldest is getting very tall (he is 13), Jacob is also growing like a weed (he is 10 or 11), and the twins are still sweet little girls (they are 5).  Kathy and family will be coming for Christmas as usual.  I am excited about seeing her.  I have no lessons on Christmas Eve as the online company is closed that day.  I figured that most people would be busy that day anyways so I didn't expect any lessons.  I do hope to have a lot during the week between Christmas and New Years.  I am not going anywhere so if students are available so am I!

Well, my printing is almost done printing and it is time to work on the treat bags!  I do hope you are having a good day.  I have had a bit of a bad headache most of the day, but I was able to teach so that was good.  I wasn't sure first thing in the morning, but it turned out okay!  Tomorrow will be crazy with the concert but it will be a good time.

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