Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday 12-27

It was a good day today!  I met with Kimberly and she had a lovely surprise for me!  She brought her Mom with her!  It was so lovely to see them both.  Kimberly brought me some of the cookies she made.  They were very, very yummy!  Yeah, they are already gone.  I tried to wait, but I couldn't.  My tummy called their name and they jumped inside my tummy.  What can I say?  It happens!

After coming home from meeting up with Kimberly and her mother, the Emerton family came over with gifts for me!  I had sent home Emily's and Lily's presents last week.  I LOVE what I got.  I got this beautiful Angel plaque that is the Guardian Angel of the Home and Family from IRELAND!!!  Yes!  They got this for me when they went to Ireland this past summer.  I also got a gift card for movies!  That will so come in handy on Sunday when I go out with my girls!  And....I got the Anne of Green Gables Treasury book!  I gave up hope of ever getting one of these, but I did!  I will get the Christmas Treasury one later this week, then I will have them both!  I am so excited about that!  I love this book.  Anne of Green Gables is my absolute FAVORITE series and books EVER!  Yes, I am crazy about Harry Potter books, but these are my top of the list favorites!  Right now, Calli is reading the 2nd book to the series.  She got it for Christmas.  I am so glad she loves these books.  I gave Mom's Anne of Green Gables doll to Calli and she had the doll next to her while she read the book.  I thought that was so cute!  I know how much Calli likes the Anne of Green Gables books.  They are simply wonderful books.  I even had to go to Prince Edward Island because of those books.

Charlie had is lesson tonight and it was for an hour because we needed to make up last weeks missed lesson.  I really like how he likes to make up lessons instead he of just skipping the lesson.  I really appreciate that about the young man.  I don't have anymore lessons tonight.  It is NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles tonight!  Tomorrow I have to get up early tomorrow for my blood test.  I have new students tomorrow.  I am excited about that!  I also have Allison and Natalie.  I have to pull some books for them tomorrow!  Wow, we are back to regular music again.  Christmas is now over so no more Christmas music.  That makes me sad, but until next fall, we are finished with it.  Time to dig out the Italian Songs and the Broadway pieces.  Bob has a lesson tomorrow too.  He was arriving home from a cruise on Christmas Day so he changed his lesson 2 weeks ago.  It was good foresight as I wasn't home after all, I was at my Uncle's.  Tomorrow is a few lessons of which an hour of it is new students.  I have 2 new 4 year olds and 1 6 year old.  They are going to share an hour.  I simply don't have an 1 1/2 hours available at this time.  The Mom thought that the hour would be better as the 4 years are rather young.  They are good readers though so that is good.  I am going to put them in the young beginner books.  If they don't work, then we will switch to the Little Mozarts for the really young children.  Since they read, I think the regular young beginners will be good.  I just realized though that I bought 1 theory book, 1 notespeller book instead of 2 of each.  The twins can't share their theory and notespeller books.  What was I thinking?  Obviously, I must not have been.  Silly me!!!  I did get a call that the Snell books I need for Brianne and Brooke are in.  That is a good thing.  Next week I will go and get the rest and pick up the rest of the twins books.

I am freezing tonight and it is supposed to be very cold tonight.  Oh my!  That is not good news, but it is expected as living in Michigan, you get cold weather.  I have a sweatshirt on and my Tinkerbell Fleece.  I am so glad I bought them as I find myself wearing them quite a bit in the winter.

I do have to go and get some garbage bags this week along with some pop and bread.  My milk is good until the 2nd but after that I will need to get more.  I plan to do that on Sunday.  I think the garbage bags shall wait until Sunday.  I also am going to see a movie with my lovely Muglia girls on Sunday.  It will be a perfect day to spend New Year's Day with my girls.

I do hope you are having a good day!

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