Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday! 12-2

I thought I picked up everything I need for the concert.  Except, I forgot the ink for the printer.  Woops!  I will go tomorrow after lessons to pick it up.  I have the treat bags that all of the presents will go in.  It shall be awfully cute I think.  I also got the cookies for the concert reception.  I am going to work on the program in a few minutes after I finish this post.  I will print the program tomorrow after lessons too.  I can't believe the concert is here already.  It is just amazing how fast November went.  Now it is December and the Christmas Season again.  It is still rather weird to me to be celebrating the Christmas Season without my mother.  She loved the season so much.  She would get all excited about decorating and planning our gifts and surprises.  Mom was so good at surprises.  Mom and I also would usually see a show during the season or we would get the tickets for a show after Christmas.  The last show we saw was the Broadway Version of "White Christmas".  It was wonderful and we both had a really good time.  Since money was super tight at that point, (I had no income at this time because we had just lost the store) it was our Christmas present to and from each other.  It worked for me.  I didn't expect anything else but Mom bought me the music carebear.  I really love it.  It makes me think of Mom and smile when I see it.  It is one of many stuffed animals Mom had bought me.  She bought me many Winnie the Pooh and friends too.  I also got her a couple of other things for that Christmas.  We had a good time on Christmas.  We went to church Christmas Eve as usual and she did very well.  We had stopped going to church because Momma just couldn't sit through the service but that one she did really well.  I was happy about that.  We sat with Kathy and her family.

I was wondering how I was going to wrap the mugs for the students.  Well, I got some treat bags and that will work perfect.  I just didn't get the ornaments done.  I couldn't sew.  Sewing was something I did with my mother and right now, without her, I can't really do it.  Maybe later I can, but not right now.  It just hurts too much to do.  Some much still hurts so much to do without her.  Most of the time I am okay but some things are still super hard for me.  I also have the cutest little stockings for the students.  i will fill them with candy kisses and Christmas pencils.  Maybe next year I will be able to go back to my sewing ornaments for the kids.  I will have to wait and see.

Calli and Katie practiced their duet again tonight.  They will do very well.  We tried to have maracas during the song but it really distracted them so no maracas, just voices.  We tried it and they didn't like it so that is okay.  Acer is ready for both his vocal piece and his piano piece.  Calli has been ready for about a week now.  I don't know why I worried about her piano piece.  She plays it beautifully.  Calli has been ready for a couple of weeks for her vocal pieces.  Emily is very ready too.  I think at this point everyone is very ready for the concert.  I am glad we are having the concert earlier in the season this year.  It frees up the rest of the season for everyone to do whatever they want to do.  I hope we have it this early again next year.  I have discovered I like it earlier in the season rather than later like I used to do.  For some of the students, next week means choosing what they want to perform at competition.  Katie is going and she needs to figure out what all she wants to sing.  I think I know what classical piece she wants, it is the rest of her songs I am not sure about.  Rebecca has already decided.  She is singing a classical piece, an inspiration piece, and a Broadway piece.  We have been working on them already.  Aggie hasn't totally decided everything yet.  They are really the only ones who are attending.  It is a low number for me, but that is okay.  I have a lot of new students who are really not ready to compete.  It is okay though.  Maybe some of them will want to compete next year.

It has been a productive type day, although I was so exhausted this morning.  I do hope your day was good too.  I have a bit of a bad headache now, I hope it goes down to the normal headache by bedtime, otherwise, it will be hard to sleep and I have to get up a bit early for a lesson.

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