Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's getting closer! 12-22

Christmas is almost here!  I can't wait!  It looks like I will be going to my Uncle John's house on Monday.  Andrew will be there too.  I have a gift from Mom for him.  It is an ornament.  Mom and I had gone to Disney in 2006 and bought him an ornament with his name on it.  I know he will like it.  I have one too.  I found them in my room after Mom passed away.  We both forgot about them when we came home and Christmas arrived.  That was the last Christmas Mom and I spent at Richard's with his family.  We also went to Disney's Vero Beach that Christmas for New Year's Eve.  It was a good trip.  I only saw Richard a couple of times since then and his children just one time.

Benjy and Joiene had their lessons this evening.  Benjy is doing really well.  He really is.  I just wish they would practice.  I don't think they do at all.  Joiene is doing okay, considering the lack of practice, but Benjy is doing really well.  He knows where all his piano keys are and he learned the difference between a line note and a space note today.  that is sometimes a tough thing for students at first.  He is only just turned 7 and in 1st grade!  Can you imagine if he practiced what he would sound like?  It is mind boggling.  He is also excited about getting the computer game CD so he can play it on the computer.  It is a neat game.

Since I am not singing in church on Sunday, I am not going to church choir practice.  We had to be there at 7 pm tonight along with the orchestra.  I won't be singing with choir until the 8th of January.  I won't be at choir practice next week either but I will be there the one after that.  New Year's Eve I will be at my friend, Heather's B-T's house again for game night.  It shall be a lot of fun.  Calli and I have such a good giggle when we are together.  She is such a good kid and so is her brother, Acer.  Calli and I love to play Uno.  I love that game.  I really do.

When Lily was here yesterday, we played Disney's Trivial Pursuit and Sorry.  We had a good time playing too.  Lily won by a shade in the game Sorry and she had the most pie pieces of Trivial Pursuit so I declared her the winner.  I think she was surprised by how many answers she actually knew and didn't guess.  Her older sister, Emily, used to make her watch all the Disney movies when Lily was small.  Lily did say she was thankful for Emily for that since she was doing so well with the game.

I have to go and get a few gift certificates that I need for Monday.  I think I should do that tonight, so I will have to go soon.  I hope you are having a good day.  I did.  I am tired, but that is normal for me at this time of the night.

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