Wednesday, December 21, 2011

massive work in progress!!! The family room

My Library/TV room is finished.  The other side is still a work in progress but will be taken care of in the future.  I am so pleased with how everything looks.  The living room furniture is a bit crammed in the side of the family room, but that is okay for now.  Eventually, I will have the right amount of furniture in it but for now it will work.  I just need to get the cushions re-stuffed as they are super hard as a rock!  I do hope that by summer or fall I will be able to get some other furniture.  Right now the goal is to just maybe get them re-stuffed to last until I can get some other stuff.  It doesn't even have to be brand new, I don't need super brand new.  I will look at the resale shop that is up the street from me as well as the clearance center at Art Van.  We shall see how it goes.  Julie and Ross did a really good job with the family room.  The bar stools are gone as well as some of the other stuff that I wanted to donate.  Most of the stuff to be donated is now taken care of.  I will post pictures tomorrow.

I had 2 lessons tonight and a sort of try it out lesson with a 4 year old.  He actually sat pretty well.  I was surprised and happy about that surprise.  His brother already takes lessons but they are having issues trying to practice because the 4 year old wants to play too.  Maybe this way, they both will be able to practice, that is my hope anyway.

I only have 2 lessons tomorrow as opposed to my usual 6.  I have a bunch of new music to get though.  I need 3 different levels of Alfred piano books plus level 4 and 5 Snell books for Brooke and Brianne.  They will have their lessons on Friday as well as the usual 3, Acer, Calli, and Emily.  I also want to do some grocery shopping next week.  I wonder if Calli will be available.  The fridge and the cupboards were cleaned out today by Lily and well, let's just say that there was a lot that was past the expiration date.  Yeah, that is just not too good.

I need to gather the books that I either have duplicates for or I don't want to take to the used bookstore tomorrow also.  I want to get a few books for myself for the next few weeks.  I have several that I can take to them.  I think I owe about 16 books to them as I keep forgetting to bring more.  They have been giving me the discounted price, which is awfully nice of them.  I should take care of that right now while I am thinking about it.  Be right back.  There, I have a bag full to take there.  So tomorrow's errands are in order.  I have the list of music I have to take as well as the books to the bookstore before teaching.  I have a couple more gifts to get and then I will be finished with Christmas.  Kathy's parents are left and that is it.  I am getting them a gift certificate.  I am done with everything else and it feels awfully nice.  I will also stop at the Rochester of the Chipotle tomorrow for dinner.  I usually try to pick it up a bit early and then re-heat if I need to.

I also need to get the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow too!  I have to pay a couple of doctor bills, which I will take care of tonight so they will be ready to mail tomorrow.  Oh, right, i need to get some stamps too!  Ugh!  I used all the rest of them for the Christmas Cards last night.

I got my new blankets yesterday in the mail.  I will put them on the bed this weekend, probably Saturday.  I have new sheets too.  I hope they are soft.  The ones I have now are so I want to keep soft ones.  The new blankets are so pretty too.  The color of chocolate.  They will go well with the decor of my room.  My furniture will look nice with new blankets and sheets.  I just got plain white sheets for my bed.  My old blankets are totally falling apart so the timing was perfect for the new ones to arrive.

I do hope you had a good day!!!

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