Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Concert Day 12-4

This afternoon was the Christmas Concert.  It got me thinking.  I have no idea how many Christmas Concerts I have had since I began teaching.  I don't remember the first one, I do remember some of them but I don't know which one was first.  I know that I used to have them at the Dance Studio when I only had a few students.  Today's went a bit longer than I thought it would.  It lasted about 2 hours.  Woops, I thought it would only be one and a half hours.  Guess I was a bit off.  I think for spring I will have to re-think how many pieces the students get to do.  I have had them doing two for the last few years because I didn't have that many students, but I guess that is over now again.  I am hoping for more duets and small groups this spring.  It all depends on what everyone wants to do, I suppose.  I won't be thinking about it for a long time right now.

Uncle John and Michelle came with Jayson, my cousin to the concert.  It is the first one they have ever seen of my students.  Tillie and Don were here too.  After the concert we went out to dinner at Red Lobster.  It was so yummy!  I ended up bringing home 1/2 of my salad and the bread bowl.  I love their soup and salad combination.  It is what I usually get although I do like their bake potatoes too.  I love shrimp the most out of the sea food choices.  Then we came back to my house.  Tillie and Don left right away because they wanted to stop and get some groceries from the grocery store on the way home.  Uncle John and Michelle stayed a while longer.  Jayson was playing with the legos and the cars.  He knows where the good toys are.  He is such a cutie.  He is 4 and goes to Junior Kindergarten.  He goes to a French school so he is learning French along with Michelle.  I am so glad that they all seemed to enjoy themselves and had a good time.  It is nice for me to show them what I do and see how well the kids are doing.  Several of them have been with been with me for a very long and it is nice to see Tillie recognized them.  She has watched the Muglia girls grow up and same with Charlie.  Bob had to miss a few concerts in the last year so she hasn't seem him lately.  Many of my new students are brand new so they are new to everyone.  I am thankful for the new and the old students.  Without them, it would be difficult to get through the day and pay my bills.  When I only had very few students and a lot of days free, it was hard to get through the days.  Fortunately, I had Mom at that time and she helped a lot.  Now it is just me but I have all the memories of her.  There is a particular picture of my Uncle John and Momma from when he was young.  I am going to have the picture enlarged and put it in a frame for him and then one for me as I love this picture of them together.  It was taken in 1955 so Mom would have been 21 and Uncle John would be 7 as he is 14 years younger than Mom.  Here is the picture:

Don't they look cute?  I just love the picture.  I don't know where they are but they look like they are having a good time.

I do hope you are having a good day.  I am exhausted and have a bit more of a headache than usual tonight.  My legs are so sore from standing so much this afternoon especially the right hip and leg.

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  1. It sounds like the concert went very well...I just love Christmas concerts. It's hard to be sad with all the beautiful music.

    I love the picture. They sure do look like they are having fun. Maybe he will remember where they were. take care and have a good weeki.