Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday 12-5

It was back to normal for me today.  I had three lessons this afternoon, Rachel, Bob, and Isaac.  We all talked about the concert.  I think they did well and told them so.  Isaac did very well for his first concert.  This was Rachel's 2nd concert and she did really well too.  I showed Isaac what games on the computer I want him to play for his piano lesson.  He thought the game looked fun.  I loaned him the disc so he can download it on his computer.  I think this will help him a lot.  Bob also did very well at the concert too.

I slept in a bit today.  I was just so tired from standing so much yesterday.  My right side was very sore by time I came home last night after dinner.  I needed to help some of my little ones for the concert so I was standing a lot in the beginning of the concert and then again at the reception after the concert.  Many of the families stayed for the reception.  Usually, we are in the social hall for the reception, but this time we were in the library.  It worked out well.

My table looks so nice with the new Christmas Plant on my new tablecloth.  I took the other one back because I had bought a duplicate one by accident.  I didn't remember buying one, but I did.  I still don't remember buying it, but since the table cloth was on the counter and I had another one on the table, I had proof that I bought it so I returned one of them.  I also had to pick up some milk and bread.  I was almost out of both of them.

My friend, Heather B-T is putting the lights on my tree.  She does them really nicely, not just wrapped around the tree.  They are almost a part of the tree.  It is really pretty.  This weekend I will decorate for Christmas.  I am going to put some garlands at the entrance of each stairs like Lily did last year.  I also have a whole bunch of Disney ornaments to put on my tree.  I am very excited about Christmas decorating.  I have some really nice decorations.  If the lights aren't finished on Friday, I can wait until next week to decorate.  I don't mind.  So far, my students like the lights that are on the tree.  It is very pretty.  I like decorating for Christmas.  New Year's Eve I am going to the Bowman-Tomlinson house again.  I had a really good time last year when I went.  I was invited to go again.  Calli was happy about that too.  We love playing games together especially Uno.  Calli has a Brailled set of Uno cards so she can play by herself and not have to have a partner to help her.  She is a very independent young lady.  I like that about her.

My legs are not as sore today as they were last night.  I did wake up a few more times than usual because of the pain, but as morning arrived the pain lessened.  I am a bit more tired and weary today but that was to be expected.  Overall, I think I did pretty well for the concert.  I had about the amount of extra pain that I expected.  I gauged it pretty well.  I will probably sleep in again tomorrow.  I have to figure out what new songs I am giving Aaiyana tomorrow.  Her mom was very upset with her last week.  She said that this was the last month for Aaiyana for lessons.  I don't know if she really will make her quit or not.    Aaiyana apparently is not practicing like she should be.  It is hard to say.  She is only 8 years old.  She is a delightful child to work with though and I think she is doing very well.

It has been a busy couple of weeks, with the holidays and the concert.  Everything should slow down again for the rest of the month.  So far, Bob and Isaac are the only ones who will have lessons during the Christmas and New Year's week.  Rachel's grandmother isn't sure yet but that is okay.  She is scheduled right now, but we can always reschedule if we need too.

I do hope you are having a good day.


  1. Sorry it's been awhile! It sounds like things are going well. Be sure to post some photos of your Christmas decorations! I'd love to see your Disney ornaments!
    Take care,

  2. Sorry haven't stopped by recently, life has been crazy. I'm decorating for Christmas this weekend too!