Sunday, December 25, 2011

It's Here! Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!  It is here!  Christmas Day!!!

I spent last night and all day today at Kathy's Parents' house.  It was such a good time.  We went to church last night and then we all went back to the Knight's house for the unwrapping of presents.  The kids were so excited!  Alicia and Samantha did really well during church.  It was an unusual church service because there was no sermon.  Yup, no sermon.  Anyways, they broke up the Christmas Story with lots of music.  It was very nice.  Matthew and Jacob did well too although at 13 and 10, they are able to sit through the service unlike the little ones who are only 5.  After opening presents, the kids started playing with some of the toys while the rest of us chatted and had a good time.  I like being with Kathy's family.  Because Kathy and I have been friends since we were 3 (that would be 40 years now!), I have known her parents that long too.  They are very nice and it is really nice to be with them.  I got some nice presents too.  I got a Barnes and Noble gift card, some tea, a new mug (I love mugs!!!), a new bookmark (Harry Potter - you can never have enough), new slippers, and a few other goodies in my stocking.  I really like what I got.

I left when it was time to give the girls a bath, I came home.  Unfortunately, my lovely angels (Samantha and Alicia) had very upset tummies last night.  It started with Samantha about midnight and apparently, poor Alicia joined in soon.  They were okay during the day today, but Kathy had to limit what they could eat.  This did bring some tears from the girls as they are too young to totally understand why Mommy wouldn't let them eat cookies and cheese and everything else they wanted.  We did get them some medicine but they wouldn't take it, so I have no idea if it would work for them.  I sure hope they do well tonight.  It is so nice with the little ones now, because they aren't shy with me at ALL anymore!  They remember me each time they see me.  I get lots of high fives and hugs.  They are so cute.  All of Kathy's children are cute and really neat kids.  Matthew is 13 now and he is about 5'6" so he likes that he is finally taller than me.  I am the first measuring stick for them.  Jacob is catching up, let me tell you!  It won't be too long until he is taller too.  They are such good kids.  They all were very happy with their presents, there wasn't any, I wanted this and didn't get it type comments.  I like that they liked what they got.  I took a lot of pictures (okay - 28) that I will upload a few of them tonight here, and the rest of facebook.  I even got one of Kathy's Mom, but i didn't get one of her Dad this year.  Maybe next year or when I see them next.  Kathy's mom even sent me home with some yummy food.  She is a VERY good cook.  We had meatloaf and ribs that were so heavenly, as well as the usual mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and salad.  We had 2 types of salad, regular lettuce salad and coleslaw.  I had some coleslaw.  I also took home some yummy biscuits.  I have food for the next few days.

Tomorrow I am going to my Uncle John's for the afternoon and evening.  I have a few small gifts for them and one for Andrew plus the ornament from Momma.  I have new wrapping paper for the presents.  I am watching "Legally Blonde" again.  I do own it somewhere in the DVD shelves.  I have the sequel too.  Mom loved this movie.  We would watch it about once a year when we would have our comedy movies marathon.  "RV" was another goodie.  That was another one that would totally get us laughing.  I do miss watching TV and movies with her.  I can watch some movies now that I couldn't before because it would remind me too much that she is gone.

I really had a nice day.  I missed mom but it wasn't painful missing like it was a couple of days ago.  Next up is New Year's Eve where I will be with Miss Calli and family.  That should be fun too.

Kathy and I had to stop here at home while we were out getting tummy medicine for the little ones.  I had 2 big and I mean big, boxes of games for the kids.  A couple of them weren't even open.  Kathy, Samantha, Alicia, and I played Disney trivial pursuit, the old version, and I won.  The girls came and went during the game, which is totally expected with 5 year olds.  Alicia and Kathy's Mom played the disney Sorry game I brought over too.  I saved me the regular Sorry game for when I have company and want to play.  We started to play the Magic Kingdom game but Samantha got bored of it while we were playing.  The trivial pursuit questions weren't all Disney, like the other one I have.  It had a mixture of lots of types of things from music, science, sports, geography, and some Disney questions.  I am glad I kept the one I did because most of the questions are about Disney and the movies.  I love Disney.  I told Kathy that the next time she goes to Disney, I have to go with her.  We also decided we need to go to Disneyland.  Kathy was mentioning today that when she was working in California, that she passed Disneyland all the time but wasn't interested in going there because it is a smaller version of Disney World.  She now regrets that decision.  I would regret that too.  I still remember Momma telling me she left me and my 10 day younger cousin at his house with a babysitter while Mom and my older brother along with my Dad, uncle, and aunt, all went to Disneyland.  Now really, just because I was 4 months old doesn't mean a thing!  Just kidding!  I would have definitely left my 4 month old with a trusted sitter instead of Disneyland too.  How else would Mom be able to enjoy herself?  She wouldn't, she would be tied with me.  I have no idea when we will be able to get there, but one never knows.  Sometime in the future I suppose.  Kathy goes home Tuesday early in the afternoon since I believe she has to work in the evening on that day.  I have lessons starting on Tuesday this week.  I am rather glad about that.

Well, this is getting long, so I better end it now.  I hope you had a great Merry Christmas!

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