Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  It is hard to believe that is so close.  It seemed like weeks and weeks away and suddenly, it has arrived!  Oh my!  I am somewhat ready.  I have gifts to wrap tomorrow but I am done shopping, not that I had much in the first place after my students!  I have received some really nice gifts from my students, some gift cards, a snow flake (one of those really big, homemade ones - made by Calli), an angel, and some ornaments.  I haven't used the gift cards yet, but I know I will!

A couple of friends of mine are in town for the Holiday, Kimberly and Anne.  I will see Kimberly on Tuesday for lunch at Olga's and I am not sure when I will get to see Anne.  I certainly hope so.  I can't wait to her all about life in the Big City, NYC.  She is doing rather well there.  She works for a publisher.  Kimberly lives in Florida and is a teacher.  She really likes it.  Kimberly has wanted to be a teacher since I met her.  I knew she would be a good one.  I just wish she lived closer but I know she really likes Florida.  Winter is not Kimberly's favorite season here in Michigan.

I get to see Kathy tomorrow and her family!  I can't wait!  It should be a good couple of days.  I also will see my uncle and aunt on Monday!  That will be great too.  Andrew will be there too.  I have a gift for him that is actually from mom.  It is rather strange to give someone a gift from a person who has passed away.  It is very strange.  I apparently told Andrew about it already so I can't surprise him.  I have one just like it only it has my name on it.  It is because our names were on them that I knew who they were for.  It is just like Mom to purchase them without me seeing them.  She had to have done it in 2006 or 2007 because she wouldn't have been able to purchase it in 2008 because she didn't have any money on her, I carried it all.

I keep looking at the Anne of Green Gable Christmas Treasury book on eBay.  I can't really afford it right now, but if it is still available in January, I will get it.  I had one, but it, as with so much other stuff, has gone.  I don't know exactly when, but it is gone.  I got when I went to Prince Edward Island many years ago.  I think we went the summer of 2000, yes that sounds about right.  I was working on my master's degree at that point.  Mom and I had a great time.  We went all over the 800 kilometer wide island from one end to the other.  We started in Summerside and went up north on the west side of the island before heading to the section they call Anne's Land.  This is where the story of Anne of Green Gables take place and where Lucy Maud Montgomery was born and lived.  It was fascinating.  We were in one house that became a museum.  It was run by Lucy Maud's grand nephew.  We were there for about 6 hours speaking with the man!  He gave us a tour and then we just started chatting and the stories he told about his great aunt was wonderful!  He was an elderly gentlemen.  We bought several books from him.  Mom bought them for me for Christmas that year as by the time we got to Anne's Land, I was flat broke.  I had spent all my money.  I am not really sure where all my money went, but went it did.  I love the books of Lucy Maud Montgomery especially the Anne of Green Gables books.  I like the book, The Blue Castle next and then the Emily books.  Mom liked Anne of Green Gables books too.  We have seen some of the movies, mostly the first one because the 2nd and 3rd are not like the books at all.  That is a drag but still, Megan Fellows is the best Anne Shirley I have ever seen including the one who was in the musical we saw in Charlottetown, PEI.  It was a wonderful show, let me tell you.  We had great seats.  We also went the next day to see the musical "Emily".  I hope to go back there some time.

Brooke and Brianne will not be having their lessons next week.  It is kind of a bummer, but, hey these things happen during kids' vacation.  I have 2 lessons on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday, 2 maybe 3 on Thursday, 3 on Friday and 1 on Saturday.  It isn't a bad schedule for a week that the kids are off school.  No lessons, of course, on Saturday or Sunday and none on Monday.  I hope Isaac reschedules his Monday lessons.  I am not sure though, but if not, I will see him a week from Monday.

I am getting rather tired now.  I got up a bit early for the girls lessons so I will go to bed a little bit early.  Oh, I think I managed to kill my plant from Tillie.  I am not very good with plants or keeping plants alive.  I did water it again today, but it isn't looking too well.  oops.  I am just not good at this.  I either water too little or too much, I just don't get it right.

I hope you are having a good day too.

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