Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday 12-1

It is the first day of December!  Oh my!  I am unprepared for Christmas and the New Year!  Sunday is the Christmas Concert.  That, I am some what prepared for.  I have the students Christmas presents, I just have to wrap them.  I wish I could get some plain white bags because that would be so much easier to use that to wrap them.  The gift they got is difficult to wrap.  I will find something that will work though.  I will stop by the craft store tomorrow to see what they have.  A cool stocking would be neat too.  Who knows?  I will find something.

My friend, Laura stopped by tonight.  She was picking up a lot of the raffle items for the event she is involved in this weekend.  I think I have about 10 violins left and I am very excited about that.  There are a couple that are not painted.  I may do the this winter.  I am not sure.  I will see how this winter goes.  I don't have to have them done and if I don't that is okay.

Choir went well tonight.  We are not singing in the Christmas Eve services.  I am relieved because I was planning on going to church with Kathy and family.  I think I should be able to be there Christmas Day though.  I will see.  I won't be there this Sunday but I should be there for the next two before Christmas.  We are singing some pretty awesome music.  We really are.  I like all of it.  This Sunday is the song "Joy, Joy, Joy" but I won't be there because of the Christmas Concert.  I have to pick up some black ink tomorrow too since I know I will be out before the end of the printing of the concert program.  I am going to begin the program on Friday and print on Saturday afternoon/evening.  I also will clear the dining room table on Friday or Saturday so it is empty for Sunday.  I hope to have a new table cloth for it too.  I am not sure, but I will try.

I was so tired this morning.  I am slept pretty well for a change.  I am hoping for another decent night sleep tonight.  I am tired now so I will be heading upstairs rather soon.  I did wake up once and had to come down and read for a few minutes but then I didn't wake up again for several hours, which is really awesome.  I will read for a bit to exhaust myself even more.  I have to go through my books and see what I don't want and what I do.  That will be the hard part, choosing books to donate or take to the used bookstore.  I like taking them to the used bookstore because then I get the lower prices of the new to me books I buy.  I won't go and get anymore right now, but eventually I will after the property taxes are paid.  I have another payment ready to go out tomorrow after I go to the bank.  It will be a big one and I am excited about it.  This will bring the payments close to what I was hoping for.  I am thankful for that. Only 3 more months of these huge payments to save for and then 2010 taxes are all paid for.  Then I can start on 2011, which I got a bill for today.  Oh my, the never ending property taxes!  At least it is less than last year's at this time.

I do hope you are having a good day.  It started as a not feeling so hot day to a better day.  24 days until Christmas!!

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