Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

It is hard to believe, but it is here, New Year's Eve.  I will be with Calli, Acer, Heather, and Bill this evening.  I am looking forward to it.  It should be a lot of fun.  Calli and I love to play Uno so I anticipate a few games of Uno between the 2 of us.  I am not sure what else we will play, but it will be fun.  That is for sure.

Well, I have to go now.  More later after I come home!

I am home again!  Happy New Year!!!!  I had a LOT of fun at their house.  Calli and I played Uno, then we all played Apples to Apples, Would You Rather, and finally the kids, Brandon, and I played another game that the name totally escapes me.  It was a lot of fun.  It really was.  I was home by about 12:45 am.  I don't like to be on the road too late on this night because of crazy drivers.  There were a lot of drivers on the road when I was.  I was only about 2 to 3 miles from home so this was a short drive, but I was surprised how many people were on the road at that time.

The kids are so fun to play games with.  Acer and Calli both are a lot of fun to play games with.  Their cousin Brandon was over (he is a college student now).  He also, is fun to play games with.  Right after our bubbly (sparkling juice), the kids headed right to bed.  They did come down for hugs but then right back upstairs to bed.  I left rather shortly after.  We did miss the countdown on TV this year, but it wasn't a big deal.  Acer was cute though, no, I don't want to do a countdown.  (We did one anyway and he joined us).  Acer is getting so big now.  I was so proud of his practicing these last couple of weeks.  He is learning not to scoot his fingers from key to key and to use his thumb more.  I am glad he is taking that very seriously.  I heard him practice with some compositions he has written.  I think he has finally figured out that the more complicated songs that he learns with me, the more complicated songs he can make up.  He is really doing much better and I have told him so.  Some of the melodies he makes up are quite pretty.  Acer very well may be a composer some day.  You just never know with the young man.  If he can make pretty melodies at just turned 7, what will he be able to do at 17?  With Calli, she has a vocal range like an adult.  As a matter of fact, she has a wider ranger than any of my singers.  Can you just imagine what she will be able to sing when she is older and her voice matures?  It is such a joy to see ALL my students develop and grow musically.  It really is the best job.  I actually think now that it is a good thing I can only teach part time.  This allows me to put all my energy into the few lessons a day I have and not spread out the energy over lots of students for the day.  I did not feel this way at first, let me tell you.  I was disappointed that I couldn't handle as many as I used to, but now, I see the silver lining in it.  I still get to teach and can manage my illnesses much better.

My goal for the next week is to get my Power of Attorney Health Advocate papers signed and copied then sent to the people who need them.  I will also get my regular Power of Attorney papers in order too.  I have a couple of keys to copy and then my emergency papers are all in place.  With the seriousness of some of the illnesses I have had, I should have had this done a long, long, long time ago.  When Mom was better and could remember things, she was a big help, but even then I should have had things in place, but I didn't.  My theory is, if the papers are in order, I won't need them.  I hope not anyway.  I was very lucky in 2011, only 1, yes 1, ER trip and that was for the dizziness issue I was having.  I think I have fixed it mostly.  I was able to hold off a couple of crash and burns by resting a lot when i felt my body go into that mode.  It used to be that I would end up in the hospital over it.  I also was lucky that I haven't had to cancel too many lessons because of bad headaches or flares.  When my legs were in the flare, I just stayed in the living room in between lessons if I had a break between them.

I am supposed to go to the movies with my lovely Muglia girls tomorrow.  We shall see because a few of them are not feeling so good.  I talked to their Mom earlier today.  I told her to see how the girls were feeling and if they weren't feeling too well, we would just postpone it, not a problem.  We will still see the Chipmunk movie, we just may not be able to see it tomorrow.  Yes, I am disappointed by hey, kids (and people in general) get sick.  It happens.  For all I know, I could come down with something.  I am feeling okay right now, but you never know.  If I don't see the movie tomorrow, then I will take down the Christmas decorations and put them away in the new tote that I have.  I will also leave the lights on the tree and wrap the tree in the big plastic garbage bag I have.  I am planning to store it in the garage.  With the big bag over it, I figure it will keep the bugs out of it.  I love how my friend, Heather B-T put the lights on it.  I really do.  They look so beautiful.  I also love my Disney ornaments.  It was kind of funny that I got comments on how my friends were not surprised to see a Disney Tree.  Mom taught me well.

It is weird to start a new year without the little lady Mom.  It is the 2nd year since she has been gone, it is just very strange.  I do feel better than I did last year about everything.  I don't feel that my life is consumed by fear, yes, I still have many fears, but I don't feel consumed by it like I did before.  Between the disability and the few students I have, I AM able to pay my bills now.  The bankruptcy is behind me.  I have payment plans for those things that need it.  I also don't think I am in as much as survival mode as I was a year ago.  Yes, much of the year is a blank to me, I don't remember too much stuff that went on, but that also could be partly because I have memory and concentration issues.  Sometimes it takes about 3 separate times to finish a post.  That is just my reality these days.  I do miss my mother all the time, but the times it hurts physically aren't as often as they used to be.  I think that is a good thing.  I can recall some memories that make me smile, although I can still picture her perfectly in the hospital that last week.  She looked so small and fragile.  She was fragile at that point.  I am glad that I was able to keep her without until almost the very end.  I will forever be thankful to God for that.  I hope I made her last few years good.  I hope I did okay at the last 8 months of her life.  It is hard to know but I think I did okay.  I did give her my best even if my best wasn't perfect for the day.  I tried to make sure I always put her first and make sure that I was doing alright health wise too.  I don't expect to ever stop missing her but I do expect, eventually, it won't hurt as much.  This year will be hard at times, I expect.  I was so numb last year that this year some things are a bit harder.  Thanksgiving was especially hard.  Thankfully, I had 2 wonderful friends and their families to spend it with.  The few days before Christmas were hard, although the holidays themselves was not so bad.  Spending the New Year's Eve with another dear friend was also good.  I can laugh a bit more now than I did a year ago.

Well, it is getting rather late (even for me!!) so I better finish this up.  I do hope your New Year's Eve was a good and safe one!!!!

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