Thursday, March 15, 2012

another beautiful day - weather wise 3-15

Today it reached the mid 70s.  Yes, mid 70s in March in Michigan!  What a dream!  However, the storms are making me ache a lot!  I also think I am on the brink of a cold.  I shall take some cold medicine tonight to see if I can beat it!  I don't need a cold right now at all.  Okay, I never NEED a cold and I don't know anyone who does, but you know what I mean.

It was rather strange going to get lunch without a jacket on and going to choir in a spring jacket instead of the winter one.  It was very strange let me tell you!  Choir is going well.  I surprised myself by actually knowing much of Sunday's song by heart.  Since I have brain fog it can be difficult to remember songs.  I will have help though because they always post the words on the screen at the back of the Sanctuary.  That will save me if I have a bad brain fog day.  It is so funny and sweet though because our director gets so excited about what we are singing and how these things go.  It is nice though because it makes it easier to want to sing really well.  Carolyn had to leave early tonight for some reason.  She, I think, will be there on Sunday.  She is such a nice young lady.  Her whole family is just very nice and friendly not to mention rather helpful!  I actually owe them some homemade cookies.  I need to do this for them.  I keep forgetting when I have time.  I have time tomorrow so I will make them then.  I also need to copy some music tomorrow too for Emily.  Laith has picked his spring concert song tonight.  He wanted a short one and not Disney so he picked Do Re Mi from Sound of Music.  So far, almost everyone has picked out a song.  There are only a few people who haven't picked out songs yet.  I figure by the end of the month everyone will have songs picked out.  Tomorrow, Emily and I are going over the group song.  I hope to be able to go over the group song with Camille on Saturday.  I know someone has the original music papers, but I can't think of who has it.  I have to copy the song Saturday along with all the spring concert music.  That should be fun!  Ugh, the standing for it.  They don't have chairs at the copy place unfortunately.  I will get it done though so that will be good.

Well, I am going to read a bit and then go to bed.  My head and throat feel like they are about to explode into a cold so I am hoping to head it off and be ahead of the game instead of behind.

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  1. Hope you manage to stave off a cold! Enjoy the weather!