Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday night/Tuesday Morning

It is about 2:45 am my time.  I can't sleep.  I went to bed about 10 pm and slept for about 4 hours before I woke up again and couldn't sleep anymore.  I figured that instead of tossing and turning (which is what I had been doing for about 30 or so minutes) I would just come downstairs.  I am wide awake at this point, ready to take on the world.  Of course, in about an hour or so the ready to take on the world will fade and I will be tired again, or at least I hope so, so I can go back to bed to sleep some more.  This happens to me when I go to bed early most times but I just couldn't stay awake anymore so I had to go to bed.  I think I need to take my nighttime medicine later again.  It is so hit and miss with the nighttime medicine kicking in.  Some days it is right away, most days it is like I didn't even take anything, and some days it kicks in 2 1/2 or so hours after I take it.  I am hopeful that I will go back to sleep in a while.  I mean, it is only 3 in the morning, it isn't like I want to stay up at this point and begin my day.  Although, I would possibly get a lot done!

It was a very exhausting day, not because I was super busy or anything, just trying to catch up on losing an hour sleep on Saturday night.  I slept in and then I had to take about an hour nap before Rachel's lesson.  I was just so tired.  Rachel is doing pretty well.  I have to get her gift certificate to Toys R Us this coming week or next.  She earned enough points to get one.  She earned her $250 points to get her $10 gift certificate.  Next week Rachel will begin to work on her spring concert song.  Isaac was one happy young man yesterday at his lesson.  His music to Hedwig's Theme from Harry Potter came in.  We began it right away.  He is so excited to be learning it.  Isaac also picked his vocal piece for the concert, "Be Kind to Your Parents".  He said he can't wait to see the look on their faces when he sings it.  I know both his parents have very good sense of humor so I know they will find the piece as funny as he and I do.  I just know it.  I think the concert music is shaping up very well.  I will be copying a lot of music this week for the little ones, the medium size ones, and the big ones.  I am taking the books to Kinkos because my scanner is only for an 8 1/2 by 11 and music is a bit bigger than that so I have to shrink the pages to about 93%.  It shouldn't take to long.  I also have to copy the Supercalifrag... music and CDs to pass them out to students so they can start learning the music.  Some kids already have theirs and most will be getting it in the next 2 weeks.  I plan that everyone will have their music by the end of March.  That gives us about 7 weeks or so until the concert.

Well, I think I may possibly be tired enough to head back to bed after I take some tummy medicine.  Naturally, the tummy isn't feeling to hot right now.  That may be what woke me up in the first place.  Silly tummy!!!!

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