Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday 3-24

It was a lovely day.  I had Camille's lesson.  She is doing awesome.  I am so pleased with her progress.  After that, I went to Acer's house for games afternoon.  We played many games and it was so much fun.  He is a lively young man who was very serious about being a good host, which he was.  He was a very good host.  I stayed for dinner after being invited to go to the movie night at church with them.  We saw "Toy Story 3".  Calli played games with us too.  Acer invited his sister to play with us.  He is 7 now and growing up so fast.  He really is maturing as is Calli.  I love spending the day with them.  Tomorrow Calli and I are going grocery shopping.  I need a few things and she is a wonderful assistant.  I really enjoyed my day with the kids.  It was a nice and relaxing day.  My head was a bit sorer than usual, but thankfully, it did NOT turn into a bad headache, just slightly bad.  Heather was exhausted after a bit so she went to lay down and take a nap.  She did not join us in the movie night.  She was just so exhausted.  Heather B-T has had bronchitis for about 5 months now.  The doctors just can't seem to get a hold of it and find the proper medicine that will clear it up.  She is so not feeling too well a lot and so tired.  I am very worried about her since she can't seem to shake this illness.  We had a good time together yesterday too, just Heather and I.  It was lovely.  Calli thinks it is cool that I will see her 3 days in a row and she is right.  I find it nice too.  They are a nice, loving family, which is so good to see since so many families are splintered right now.  Yesterday, Calli had a Snoopy t-shirt on that said my heart belongs to Daddy.  I feel it fits her so much.  She is definitely their girl.  I feel lucky that I get to be a part of both her and Acer's life.  I feel that way about all my students.  How lucky am I to be a part of their lives.

Tomorrow evening, Jon Bon Jovi will be on Oprah's Master Class at 10 pm.  I am so there watching it.  I am trying to contact Kathy about it too but so far, she hasn't answered yet.  I emailed her again.  I hope she has the OWN network so she can watch the show.  It should be very interesting, at least, I sure hope it will be.  Kathy and I have been Bon Jovi fans since high school when they first came out.  He had really long hair at that time.  It looked good on him but so does his short hair now.  He is aging very well.  I should be so lucky.

I have an appointment with my arthritis doctor this coming week.  The tummy doctor reschedule for the following week.  I am not sure why but it is okay.  The tummy is feeling ever so much better tonight, thank goodness.  The arthritis in my hips and lower back has been rather painful, especially the left one.  There is a little fly in the house tonight.  Ah, spring and the bugs.  Yuck on the bugs.  I will fin it eventually.  I will have to take care of it myself as Mom is no longer here to take care of them for me.  I would be hollering there is a bug in here.  It made her smile.  She knew I wasn't too fond of bugs.  Ew, the thought sends chills up my spine.  Anyways, I digress.  The doctor appointment is actually on Mom's birthday.  It is a day I am slightly dreading as I am afraid I will be very sad although, earlier this week I had a sad day thinking about her.  Sometimes, doubts rule my mind and I wonder if I could have done things differently.  I wonder if I did do things differently, would she still be here.  What stage would she be in?  These are the thoughts that occasionally plague my mind at times.  Usually, they don't come very often anymore.  They used to haunt me for months after my lovely mom passed away.  I miss her everyday but it doesn't always hurt physically like it used to.  I plan to buy a cupcake and put a candle on it to sing Happy Birthday Momma on it.  I want to honor her birthday, not be sad.  She was such a happy person the last 10 or so years.  It was rough on her when we were growing up with all the issues going through our family, the drug days, the divorce, teenage rebellion, and a mouthy daughter (that would be me) but after we grew up she relaxed and became much more content and happy.  I love looking at her smile.  I can picture it in my mind right now.  She had a beautiful smile.  Her eyes would twinkle when she was happy.  Andrew inherited that from her.  When Andrew smiles, his eyes twinkle just like Momma's.  I love his smile too.  Then again, I really like truly happy smiles, especially a child's. One sound I love is a child's laughter.  I also loved Momma's laugh and my brothers, both of them but truly love a child's laughter the most.

Anyways, it was a lovely afternoon and evening.  I plan on getting up early for church tomorrow.  I haven't been there in about a month now and that is not good.  One week we weren't singing and last week I didn't feel well so tomorrow I plan on being there.  I feel okay as far as extra pain is concerned.  I have just the regular pain with a slightly more headache.  I hope your day was a wonderful as mine.

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