Sunday, March 4, 2012

company day! 3-4

Today Wama, Deema, Lulu, and their mother came for dinner.  They also helped me put away some things in the office and the living room.  I just have the table left to do and that is it.  I am glad about that.  I have some things in the craft room that need to be taken care of soon.  I will look at it tomorrow.  I am very tired tonight now.  After we worked for about 1 1/2 hours, we sat down for dinner.  It was good.  She brought a tomato based sauce with noodles.  I made rice pilaf and corn.  I bought 2 salads from Panera Bread and the girls really liked the dressing.  I thought I had some Italian and Ranch, but I was wrong, I don't.  I also bought a berry coffee cake.  The girls were full and it was time for them to go home, so I had a piece after they left.  It wasn't bad, a bit dry, but it was okay.  Not quite as good as the cakes I make but passable.  We had a nice conversation at the table and I discovered that 5 people do fit quite nicely at the table.  It was a beautiful way to finish the afternoon and start the evening.  I hope that before they leave we will do this again.  It was a lot of fun and we got plenty done.  The girls and I were pleased with what we had finished.  The living room rocks! The office is starting to rock!  In the living room I have to go through the music that is on the table.  I do need some of it in the living room, but most of it can be put away.  The same with the CDs.  Some I need, some I do not.

Tonight is the season premiere of "Army Wives"!  I cannot wait!  Less than one hour and it will start!  I do, however, have a bad headache now.  I didn't earlier, but now I do.  Ugh, I did take my nighttime and my pain pills are a part of the nighttime meds so I should be okay.  If not, I will take some Advil to help it along.  I am not dizzy or lightheaded today so that is a step in the proper direction.  I did miss church again this week because of the car.  I am nervous driving at all with it needing an alternator in it.  I don't wish to buy another battery because I drove too much with the car.  I am taking it in tomorrow to get fixed.  I do hope it isn't too expensive since I don't have that much money right now.  Between the 3 emergency cards there is about $450 or so.  See what I mean about the irresponsibility factor???  Yeah, I am back on track now.

Last night I had a strange thing happen.  I was trimming the toes and when I bent over to do the right foot, I got a cramp in my chest.  I thought, wow, okay, maybe I was bending wrong so I tried a different way and it happened again.  I stopped what I was doing and went to bed.  I will try again tonight before bed and I hope it won't happen again.  It is hard to say.  I have never had pain like that on my right side, the left side when I had a blood clot, but never on the right.  I hope it doesn't mean anything.  One never knows with Fibro and Arthritis!  We live on a roller coaster at times, don't we?  Strange pains, extra exhaustion, dizziness, tummy issues, and a host of other things that plague us.  What can I say?  Life can be rather interesting.

I will be wrapping up the Christmas Ornaments this evening while I am watching "Army Wives".  It is a 2 hour episode so it will be good.  I am thankful that I have help with the house.  Julie has helped a lot too and Lily.  Speaking of Lily, she will be 14 this week!  I can't believe it because I so remember her as a little girl.  She is so grown up now.  Lily has lost that little girl look and looks like a little adult.  I am so proud of her.  She is doing awesome at school.  Her father is in the hospital right now with a post-op infection.  Her mother, Julie, needs a heart valve repair operation.  That will get done next month.  I do hope her dad recovers quickly and comes home safely.  The whole family is such a nice family.  Mom really liked them too.  Both Ross and Julie were so helpful when Mom needed something and when she was dying.  Julie came with me to the funeral home and Ross figured out a way to Skype the funeral service for my brother and uncle.  Now my uncle can cross the border so I have seen him a few times at my house since then.  I really like that he can come over now.  I plan to invite him, my aunt Michelle, and my cousin, Jayson for dinner some time this month.  I now have crock pot liners so when I make the roast, I will just have to toss the bag and wow, my crock pot is empty.  Talk about an easy way to cook!

Well, I think I am going to wrap my ornaments now.  I have to re-glue an arm on one of the Huey, Dewey, and Louie ornament.  I do hope your day was fun too!

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  1. Hope the pain goes away. If fibro and arthritis make life interesting, I think I'd rather it was dull! :)