Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday! 3-7

Tomorrow is Lily's birthday.  She will be 14 years old!  I haven't seen her in a couple of months since Christmas, but I plan to take her out to eat for her birthday as soon as she is available.  With her busy schedule, it could be a while.

It has been a strange type week for me so far.  A very strange week indeed.  I am so tired last night.  I did wake up a few times as usual but I couldn't get up until after 12.  I was just that tired.  I am still exhausted.  I will be heading to bed soon.

Benjy should be a happy camper tomorrow evening.  The new lego people came in today.  There are many  lego people in the kit.  That should make him extremely happy as he loves playing with legos while his sister is having lessons.  Joiene likes to play with legos too and the cars.  I have to move some of the music books downstairs tomorrow.  I haven't done it yet.  The stuffed animals are on the other piano now and the ones that belong on the couches are now there.  Over all, the living room is looking really good.  My office is taking shape too so I am happy with that.

Tomorrow, Breanna will not be having her lesson.  She is catching up on her homework from her vacation.  She says she will be here next week.  I will have Benjy, Joiene, Wama, and Deema for their lessons.  Thursday is my busiest day.  I don't mind.  I have choir practice tomorrow night too.  It is always a good time.  I really enjoy being in the choir.  I plan to be at church bright and early on Sunday. I can't believe that we have to change our clocks again.  It is too soon.  I don't like this time change stuff. It takes weeks to get used to the new schedule for me and losing an hour of sleep is a bad thing for me.  I am still recovering from getting up early two days in a row.  That was why I slept in today, trying to catch up on the sleep.  I should be up by regular time tomorrow.  I also have to do laundry tomorrow.  I have a couple of loads to do.  Yuck!  I wish laundry would wash itself.  Wouldn't it be awesome?  Wash itself, dry itself, fold itself, and then put itself away.  That would be so great.  It really would!  However, since laundry doesn't wash itself, I will have to do it myself.  Laundry is one job I hate a lot.  I always wait until the last minute to do it.

Jillian and Brooke are almost finished with level A in piano.  They started piano in December 28, 2011 so this is totally awesome for them.  Their sister, Aubrey is almost done with her first book too.  It is so amazing how well the three of them are doing.  They are also at the point now that they don't need their parents help with practicing anymore.  Mom may have to remind them and they go and play their assignment.  I am so proud and pleased with their progress and I told them so too.  Allison is also doing very well.  She is singing very well and her sight reading is coming along very nicely.

Ooh, I just remembered I need to mark my lessons today.  I better do that now.

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