Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday - a day of grocery shopping

Calli and I went grocery shopping this afternoon.  It was fun.  I had a nap after church this morning and woke up to go get Calli.  She is 12 now so she gets to sit in the front seat now.  I smile when I think of that because it is so important to her that she gets to sit in the front seat.  We headed to Walmart.  I asked Calli if she would like to stop and get a drink before or stop in the store for a drink at Subway.  She chose Subway.  This way she can have her drink while we are shopping.  I did get a few things that wasn't on my list but they were good to get.  I picked up some salmon and some cod fish for dinner this week.  I also picked up a corned beef pack that I put right in the freezer.  I got some more uncrustables too.  I know that may seem rather silly to buy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are frozen but as I don't eat sandwiches that much so I end up throwing away a lot of bread and I hate wasting food that way.  I did get organic milk a couple of weeks ago and it lasts a long time, thank goodness because I also have wasted a lot of milk.  Right now my freezer is full so no other food will fit in it.  I will have some nice choices if I want to cook dinner in the next while.  Sometimes I do feel like cooking, but not too often.  It is hard to stand that long at times.  I did get some meatballs and spaghetti sauce along with some Alfredo sauce.  I accidentally bought whole wheat spaghetti today though.  I don't mind whole wheat, but I prefer regular spaghetti.  I won't waste it though.  I will eat it.  Calli and I giggled a lot while shopping.  I picked up the gift certificates for the boys for Easter and I got the girls cute stuffed animals.  I think they will like them.  I know that Matthew and Jacob like i-tunes.  I also got a package of spiderman stickers.  i have some students who really like the spiderman stickers.  I picked up a new thumb drive.  I am going to see how many CDs I can put on it since I am running out of room on my computer.  I didn't get new slippers because they didn't have any in my size that I liked.  Oh well, these ones haven't totally fallen apart yet so I am good.

I can't wait for 10 pm when Jon Bon Jovi is on TV!  He is on Oprah's master class.  I haven't watched her master class series yet so this will be the first for me.  I expect it will be interesting.  He always has interesting interviews and he doesn't air dirty laundry.  That is what I like the best.  He is also very involved in several charities, which is always a good thing.  I think it will be interesting.

Tomorrow, I have my Muglia girls for their lessons.  I have to remember to bring the Harry Potter book. I also have to pull the Titanic music too for Selma.  I need to copy the spring concert music I need for tomorrow too.  I want Rachel to start working on her piece.  We now have a set date for the concert, May 21, Sunday.  I am happy about that.  I can make the flyer and pass it out now.  That is good because then everyone will know when it is.  So far, we have about 30 songs in the concert.  We will have to have an intermission this time because of the amount of songs.  So far, everyone is planning to attend.

I am watching a marathon of NCIS.  So far, I have seen all these episodes but they are so good that I can see them again and again.  Army Wives will be on at 9 pm.  I really like that show.  I am not sure if it I like it because I am an army brat.  I never moved because we never lived on base (or post as it is in the USA) and Mom was in the reserves.  I had some big fears when I as small about wars and combat.  I think if Mom was in the service now, she would go to combat.  It comforted me when she would say that she was a teacher in the army and would not go to combat but I bet she would now.  She had a very strong sense of duty to both Canada and the United States.  She raised us to be proud of our Canadian Heritage, but never forget we were raised as Americans.  I had a dream when I was small that my children would be the first Americans in our family just like the immigrants when they came through Ellis Island.  I read about that in the history books in school and that was what I wanted.  Of course, I don't have children and won't be having any so I can become an American.  I am saving for the fee to become an American.  It costs about $400 for the main fee.  I am not sure about the fingerprinting fee or any other fees.  I am checking into them.  The biggest obstacle is knowing how often I have left the country.  Since my family is in Canada, I leave the country often.  I have to keep track for 5 years.  Yup, 5 years so you can see my obstacle.  I always forget to write down in my log when I left and when I came back.  Someday, I will get this right.

I am getting tired and boy that is not a good thing since I want to stay up to watch the Jon Bon JoviNCIS for now and hope to stay awake until the interview.

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